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HSV-2 symptoms?

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Can someone who has mild/little symptoms of HSV-2 enlighten me with the symptoms they experience? My GF got her test results back and shes IgG pos for HSV-2 and I'm IgG neg, but she says shes never had any blisters/sores. We've both been reading up on it and realize that you can have mild/no symptoms. It also says that "itching" is a symptom, is that excessive itching? Or just any itch down there? Also every now and then she'll get this hard/tender lump under her skin on her mons pubis. Its not raised, but if you squeeze the lump in between your fingers, it feels like there's a rock inside and she says it hurts. When she popped it, all that came out was blood and when the scab healed, it left a scar. Are these herpetic symptoms? We are just trying to be able to tell when she's having symptoms. 

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@notsureofthings i had genital hsv1 for about 6 months before my first OB. I went 6 months with nerve pain in my leg, thinking it was work related ! But then the itching came and BOW my first OB that i thought was an ingrown hair .

Now I dont know if it goes the same with genital hsv 2 but ive read articles where people can show no symptoms at all for years but theres so many different ways that H gets cozy in your body its really hard for me to give a solider answer 😓 . hopefully someone can chime in and type an essay thats actually useful to you 😂

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I got exposed to a girl who has heroes after the condom broke.  I was exposed for less than 3 seconds. Four days later a single big bump swelled up in my pubic hair area that was hard and only hurt when i pressed down on it.  When i puntcured it, same thing happened that you described with your girlfriend. Only a little clear puss came out and then blood. Im also having intermittent back pain, burning pains in my legs, feet and even my hand.  Penis tip has been also burning/stinging off and on since i was exposed.  Not completely sure I have herpes yet because 12 weeks hasnt passed,  but if I find out i do have it,  then that bump is most definitely herpes related, and also if i do have it then nerve pain is most definitely a symptom too.

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