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Weird Symptoms

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Hi @HopefulR, if you have HSV-2, (unless you have a lowered immune system) it's pretty hard to auto-inoculate to your face since that strain of the virus highly prefers to be on or near the genitals (warm, moist, dark). Only 2% of oral herpes cases are HSV-2, so it's possible, just not probable. How long have you had herpes? The longer you have it, the less and less likely it is to move locations on you (and for most people it doesn't move from the general area of initial infection). Hope this helps!

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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I have it on my face and it has spread throughout my body.  Can't really say for sure if what ur experiencing is out breaks. ur gonna have to wait and see.  But after a while if it is ull know from recognizing more typical herpes symptoms. And if it keeps popping up at the same spot. Wait for it to pop up before u can worry more.  U might just be noticing these symptoms cuz ur putting more thought on that area now. And thinking everything could be symptom.  Which I think we all do. 

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On 9/16/2018 at 12:19 PM, benzgtx said:

I have type 1 and I have almost all of your symptoms. Pay attention if you have any other symptoms in addition to them. Also if you also feel tired as if you're having flu like symptoms. Mine are related to prodrome symptoms invariably. 


What happens when you get a ob? If you don't mind telling me 

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Numbness and tingling on my face, ears, weird Headaches and ear fullness. Eye pain and burning sensation in my hands and feet. These all occur along my genital symptoms (at the same time!) which include urethral burning, testicular pain and groin fullness. I never had vesicular lesions past my primary outbreak more than a year ago. I have developed a condition called endolymphatic hydrops that I believe was caused by hsv1. It's like Meniere's disease. More recently I have burning sensation in my hands and feet coincide with every thing I mentioned. I am in constant outbreaks as I consider everything now. that's happening as an internal outbreak.

This disease had changed my personality.  I am a more isolated person, less energetic  and more depressed  which I never was. It makes sense if your head eyes ears hands and feet hurt and burn all the time. Life is too short to have herpes. Sorry I know this was depressing. Please feel free to ask me any thing. I'm heavily educated about the subject. 

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Hey benzgtx - I had the same tingling in hands and feet, and like you I made a note of little changes that would normally go under the radar (like your dry patches and whitehead). I literally counted the barely-visible 'cherry angiomas' over my body every day - I didn't know what they were either. Things like this and the tingling used to send me into panic, and if you google the symptoms of anxiety they all match up. I can't say whether it was my mind or the virus, but it was about 4 years ago and I'm pretty much all good now. If life is too short, then so is herpes - just gotta get on with the good times.

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