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Ghsv1 or oral?

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6 years ago I had a strange rash appear below and I received a visual diagnosis from a doctor saying it was herpes . I didn’t receive any tests or medication & now I’m my adult hood I do have hsv1 . So should I assume it’s Ora or genital ? I haven’t had nothing weird down there happen since that one time 6 years ago . .

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Hey @Justawomen,

HSV-1 can show up either orally or genitally (in fact more than 50% of new genital herpes cases are HSV-1 from oral sex). So it's impossible to say strictly from a blood test which area of your body would be contagious. Those are the 2 sides to the coin: It's great that you aren't having outbreaks, but also not so great that you can't definitively locate where you're shedding virus without having an outbreak. So when you disclose to partners, tell them just that. That you are a carrier of HSV-1, which can either be oral or genital, but since you haven't had an outbreak, you don't know for sure. 

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It's definitely a pet peeve that doctors do visual diagnoses when so many visual diagnoses are just plain wrong. 😕 

Insisting on getting a swab test when there's an actual outbreak will give you a definitive result if there's enough to culture. 

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Will do , what looks common to ghsv that they are able to confuse it with ? I figured it was not legible (not saying he was wrong but he could be right or wrong ) I wasn’t even prescribed any medications so I’ve never been on any medication the whole six years & I haven’t received any sores or anything . & I’ve had major stressors IM TALKING ABOUT SOME SERIOUS STUFF.  Maybe a itch hear or there when my pubic hairs grow but nothing that caught my eye as irregular . @mr_hopp

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