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who's had hsv 2 on eye area or all over body

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Is there anyone who's had hsv 2 breakouts on their eye area or throughout their body?  Just would like to hear of any kind of advice or your story. Anything you can tell me really.  I've had my breakouts spread throughout my face including eyelids. Now spreading to my hands.  And I'm constantly breaking out. I take daily medication and it does make breakouts minor but it still is constant.  

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It's been a while. The daily medication does help. Some of the flare ups I won't feel any symptoms or only slightly. But the constant flare ups are mentally draining. Especially knowing what my breakouts would be like if I wasn't able to get a hold of medication. 

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I remember back when I believe I got herpes, which was over 20 years ago, I started getting hives-like bumps on my neck, back, legs. They would pop up all of a sudden and be gone minutes to hours later.  It went on a few weeks.  I will never truly know if it was herpes because I was 16, clueless, no internet back then etc but my guess is it was related.  My mom even took me to the dr but was frustrated because by the time we got there the bumps were gone.  Over the years occasionally will have several of those bumps pop up on my neck near my chin, they look like mosquito bites and are gone in 10-20 minutes.  Back in my late teens I'd also get an itch on my eyelid and once a dr was able to see it (that mosquito bump look) and prescribed an eye ointment.  Years later I was reading the ointment bottle when throwing away old medications and it said "for ocular herpes". The dr never even said anything to me about it!  My guess is they will subside as your immune system works things out. Hang in there!  

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I went to infectious disease specialist and they didn't tell me anymore than a normal doctor did. By the time I had gone to the appointment it was barely there or not there.  Even when it is there it is slightly cuz of the fact I take daily medication. It's hard to go as soon as it pops up. 

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