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GHSV2 without symptoms?

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Hi guys, I was just wondering whether it's possible to have GHSV2 and never have any symptoms (not even a primary outbreak) at all. How likely is this? I was exposed to it about a month ago and the girl in question told me that if I don't have any symptoms within the first 20 days that I'm fine. Is this true? And if I don't have symptoms is it safe to say I don't have hsv2? (I believe I already have oral hsv1) 

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I am not sure what the stats are on how many people have sex with someone who could transmit HSV2 and don't get it, so I suppose this is possible, but there are plenty of stats out there that people can be carriers of HSV2 without ever knowing it.  They may never exhibit symptoms or may only do so years after the fact.  I think the only way to be sure would be to get the blood work done although I've read that you need to wait 2-3 months from date you think you were exposed to it as that's how long it would take for the antibodies to show up.


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The stats say 80% of carriers do not know...I think that stat was pulled from multiple experiments when researchers took blood samples from random select groups of people who had never been diagnosed (so whether they had mild or no symptoms or were misdiagnosed is debatable) where the findings showed many did in fact have the virus.  The data from these tests could have been validated against the "known" numbers and a statistic came from that.  I don't think the stats came about from Dr's typing into a database the number of times they diagnosed someone for the first time (who had visible symptoms) where the IgG test would have shown that they had acquired the antibodies at an earlier date but who knows?

I guess the bottom line is if you are worried and stressed, get the test.  If it's positive, it would help you in being proactive in communicating to other potential partners in advance so they can make an informed decision.  Many fall into the category of never knowing the details of how/when they got it and I think that is just as big of an emotional rollercoaster than dealing with the fact you have it. (i.e. did someone knowingly pass it on by withholding the fact they had it?)

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