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How did you find out you had herpes?

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On 9/17/2018 at 8:33 AM, Amando said:

Got a rash on my manhood, googled it, thought shit I think I have Herpes
then went to the STI clinic, where they checked me over & confirmed it  😞

I'm guessing it HSV-2 but they never told me that!




Did you ever get test? I'm a female I did the same. One Dr says yes and another says no Both time I went during a so called ob. I had swab and blood work done both times which should I believe? 

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Had protected sex (6 months after unprotected sex with different person) then a bump appeared like 3 days later. hsv 1 positive 1 week later . just slight itching and one bump . thought it was an ingrown hair 😂

Tbh im just assuming i got it from the unprotected and maybe the protected sex last month triggered an ob ? Cause about a week or 2 after the unprotected sex the sciatic/groin pain started.

 I have no health insurance or primary physician so i cant really go about getting to the bottom of it for now 😕 no other OBs since then but i still get an itch around the area , never any bumps . still dealing with nerve pain thooo

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13 hours ago, Loyalloulou said:

Did you ever get test? I'm a female I did the same. One Dr says yes and another says no Both time I went during a so called ob. I had swab and blood work done both times which should I believe? 

No they didn't ever test me but were sure it was H & now I would kind of like to know if I have HSV-1 or 2

When I went, the nurse said "do you mind if another nurse looks too?"
I laughed & said "no, its bad enough being here, two opinions are better than one"

I have a light OB once a year & a tingle now & again!

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I had my annual woman's exam and pap came back abnormal with cells consistent of hsv. A few days before I notice a white bump like an ingrown hair at the bottom fold. Once I read the lab results online, I had a full on outbreak the next day lol, like my body was waiting for me to know what was going on before it totally flipped out..I wrote a long post about it ,☺️

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Got a rimjob from a guy I was dating and then felt 3 little bumps a few days later in the shower. Got it swabbed the next day and was positive for HSV1.

Live and learn. Today I was with my cousins and my cousins having a pretty bad oral outbreak. Just reminds me I have the same thing in another area and thats okay 🙂 

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I has my first outbreak August of 2016. Had a lot of symptoms without the outbreak for about 2 weeks then finally the outbreak happened so went to OBGYN  to get swabbed and visual diagnosis. Of course  I had looked up symptoms and signs on the internet because i was having tingling, pain, burning, etc. I figured I had Herpes but I didn't know what kind. When I got the results from the doctor, I came back positive for HSV-1 genitally. Worst 3 to 4 weeks of my life, it took them almost two full weeks to diagnose it because sores did not appear at first so they could not figure out why I was having pain with urination and all kinds of other crazy symptoms. Then the doctors did not believe I had type 1 because that is the "oral kind" (their words not mine). I got type tested right after I got diagnosed because I wanted to know for my own reasons and based on the type depended on if we believed Id got it recently or previously had it. We are about 90% positive that my first outbreak was triggered by severe stress and anxiety due to recent event that coincide and my doctors positive I already had the virus based on my medical history.

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My only initial outbreak symptoms were about two weeks after sex with a new partner (unprotected after discussing we had both been tested and were “clean”) I had this sudden severe burning in my vaginal region. Not inside but on the lips etc. After googling I thought for sure I either had a yeast infection or an STI. Went and got tested was negative for the standard ones. I’ll add that I started taking AZO yeast infection symptom relief pills thinking it could be that and the burning completely went away. 

I noticed a small cut that wasn’t healing a few months later. No pain associated. Put some antibiotic ointment on it and it DID NOT like that. Turned into more of a very small ulcer. Went and got checked. Doctor was totally unprofessional, said she thought it could be cancer. Said she would test for herpes but it didn’t look like that. Swab came back positive for HSV-2. 

Goes to show you that herpes symptoms outbreaks come in all shapes and sizes. Still have yet to have a severe herpes outbreak. Get tingling sensations every once in awhile but nothing major. 

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Its been a year since I got GHSV. I started talking to a guy at work. We hung out, went back to his place. Had unprotected sex, he did not disclose,  he had no signs of herpes. First time we had sex I contracted genital herpes. A week later I had started my menstrual,  multiple sores appeared on my vaginal outer lips first. It freaked me tf out! I was in denial. I googled for days praying it was anything but.. but I had the typical signs and symptoms that kept taking back to genital herpes. I held it in all in. Waiting to see if he would tell me he had it. So I waited few weeks after having my first OB to confront him about it. I asked him when was the last time he got checked he said it had been a very long time. I just had a full std check done 6 months prior to meeting him, everything came back negative on my end. He claimed he didn't know and gave a weak apology. I told him to go get checked. He told me his doctor told him he had a spectrum of herpes, whatever tf that means right? I believe he knew, was to embarrassed to disclose and hoped his antiviral would protect me from contracting the virus but unfortunately it was transmitted to me. We dated 8 months after being exposed to the virus. I felt no one else would want me now that I have GHSV so I decided to stay with the guy who gave it to me. We are no longer together. He is now married with a baby on the way. 

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