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3 second (or less) prodromes

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I’ve had hvs for almost 3 years. I am familiar with prodome symptoms and herpes triggers. I couldn’t find much on duration of prodome symptoms. I sit at a desk all day. I will get a feeling of what I think might be herpes but for maybe 3 seconds and will not occur again that day. I don’t know if it’s just from sitting or herpes? I’ll feel some active nerves sometimes but again not for very long, 4 seconds. It’s not a sharp pain. Not really painful, more sensation. Herpes? Normal body functions? Sometimes dull pain under butt. But again lasts not very long. My vagina does get itchy. That at times I know is probably herpes. But shaving? A couple of days after I shave does itch. When the hair starts growing in the inner Libia by the cliterous it starts to Inch. (I get OBs there) But its normal for me to itch after shaving. Especially since the hair Hardin’s down there over time. How do I know it’s not a herpes trigger though? Normal itch? PH runs a little higher in my family says my mom. When we eat too much sugar, it gets itchy. (I think for people in general though too). I’m 24 and your body changes as you progress more into a woman. What’s normal sensations and not? When I feel a 3 second sensation, and if it is herpes and no outbreak am I infectious? Does herpes give only 3 second sensations and it’s done? Sometimes a sensation will happen more then once in a day, but not the same sensation but the same 3 second or less duration. I take daily suppression. I was talking to my doctor and she said that sensations were normal in the vagina because of the changes that take place in general. Help! Sorry for the lengthy descriptions. Still figuring it out fully!


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Hi Lily

I'm male so not the best expert on how a woman's anatomy feels to them,
but I'm pretty sure that 3 second itches, tingles are more lightly normal body functions.

Shaving for male & females does itch especially when starting to grow back.

Hope you figure it out!

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@lily I won't be able to answer all of your questions, but as a woman, I do experience itching after shaving. I can usually tell the difference between a razor bump and a lesion though. I've been diagnosed recently though, so I sometimes go crazy and panic and think that ANY difference in feeling down there means I'm getting an outbreak. I'm trying to stay calm about it all though, otherwise I'll drive myself crazy and the stress will actually cause an outbreak. Vaginas are beautifully complicated. Hopefully with time we'll both start understanding our prodrome symptoms better. It sounds like people who've had H for a while knowing a lot about what causes triggers and when they're about to have an OB. 

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