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Pretty sure I have genital herpes.

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Hello everyone, 

I just finished joining this forum. I mostly joined to vent, read other opinions and thoughts, and to research. So just a quick little story, maybe you all have similar experiences or can guide me into the obvious conclusion.

About 2 weekends ago my wife and I had unprotected sex two days in a row (normal practice for us). Before this everything seemed fine. There were no complaints about anything feeling, looking or being abnormal. However, about 2 days later (Sunday) I got up for work and had dysuria (pain urinating). I didn’t think much of it, kinda thought it was weird but I just kept on like normal. 

Following day, same thing, pain urinating and I also noted upon ejaculating that it was painful as well. That’s when I got a little worried and started to research stuff. I couldn’t really pin point it at the beginning because I thought it might have been a UTI, prostatitis or something. However, the following day my wife got home from work and stated that she felt her vulva was “sore” “prickly” “tingling” .... I then told her, that I was having dysuria! We looked at each other kind of confused. I asked her to show me her vagina and when I looked I noticed several “lumps” “bumps” w.e you want to call them. It pretty much hit me then, she has genital herpes. She asked me if I had the same bumps, we took a look and I didn’t have anything, just dysuria and painful ejaculation. Unfortunately, the internet pretty much answered our questions that night but we just weren’t 100% sure. 

The next couple of days you can only imagine what happened. For the next week, leading up to about 4 days ago I came down with some of the classic symptoms, I was tired, down, had chills (felt like I was going to freeze to death), my lymph nodes in my groin were tender and seemed inflamed, my dysuria was still present and I had occasional temporary “prickly” sensations in areas by my penis. My wife ended up having those bumps actually “ulcerate” and we made sure to go see the OBGYN for a swab and visual diagnosis. OB said looks like herpes and if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. So they started her on valtrex and told her to take lysine and probiotics. My symptoms went away couple of days later. My dysuria went away, no more painful ejaculation, no chills or tiredness. 

Now, I never had 1 bump or sore the entire time, but I’m fully aware that I don’t need to have any sores to have HSV1 or 2. In the past I have had sores that ulcerate inside my mouth and maybe an occasional tiny bump on or around my lip, they would appear in times of high stress and would always go away after a few days or with the help of Abreiva. We would wait for them to clear before doing anything sexual but for the most part, oral sex has always been a part of our sex life. Anyways, I have never presented or have had a sore ulcerate in my genital area, nor on my penis. We have both had what seems like small ingrown hairs or heat marks in the area, but never a sore or lesion that would ulcerate (until recently with my wife). From what I can remember we have never had sex with any type of symptom present like that before. 

Anyways, we are currently still waiting on the results of the swab and I have a dr appointment this Friday. I currently have no symptoms, just my experience of what has happened and the obvious evidence of what my wife went through. It seems pretty obvious that we both have genital herpes at this point. 

Has anyone else experienced something like this or similar? 

If your exposed to the virus for the first time, would it always cause some sort of outbreak?

I would assume I’ve probably had herpes before, as I’ve been with multiple women before my wife and I have had unprotected sex before. However, those symptoms that I had, would you consider than an outbreak? 

Is there anything I can do for some closure? Confirmation? Hard evidence?  

Some advise, encouragement, or w.e you’d like to say is welcomed. Thanks for reading my experience! 

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Hey everyone, 

so thanks to who ever has read my post. We just got a call from the OB and she said the swabs came back + for HSV1 and negative for HSV2. 

Question is what to do from here? 

Can you contract HSV2 and 1 in the genital area? 

Is genital HSV 1 the lesser of the two? 

Thank you all.

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