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I have both HSV and HPV

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When it rains it pours for me. I’ve known i have hsv2 for 7yrs. I’ve had protected an unprotected sex without infecting anyone (that I know of). I have only had about 3 outbreaks in 7 yrs and now take daily suppressive meds just as an added measure. Get this, I was recently diagnosed with uterine fibroids and also got a regular Pap smear only to be told I have hpv as well!!! I was told the strain I have is low risk and not known to cause cancer, but I have to go in next week for a colposcopy to check for possible cervical changes. SHEESH!!! As you can imagine I’m really down! I’m 34, I’ve been with the same guy for years and have never been promiscuous! Even abstinent for 2yrs within this 7. My guy and I would love to have children in the next couple years but I feel so dirty! I feel doomed. Can I have healthy children? Can I have kids at all?!! Will these things kill me?! How can all this happen to one careful person?!! I feel incredibly undesirable! Any knowledge, advice or encouragement would be amazing. Much needed! Thanks for 

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Just like HSV, HPV could be in your body for years before you actually have a diagnosis. I was diagnosed with HSV-1 genitally 3 years ago and HPV just two weeks ago. 

These things won’t kill you. Though they can be an inconvenience as well as painful at times — you’re going to be okay.

There is life and sex after a diagnosis, I promise.  

You can still have healthy children! Be sure to disclose ALL information to your doctor — they’ll know the best way to go about it and give you your options. Again, these STD’s are so common. You aren’t the first woman who will have babies and HSV/HPV and I can say confidently, you won’t be the last! 

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We’re opposites! I traded my vCard for an HPV card (low risk, could but not sure yet cause cancer) but was just diagnosed HSV2+ earlier this month. 

I know how you feel, I had the same feeling when I got my H results. I’ve been so responsible, how TF does this happen?!

Don’t feel dirty, my friend. Almost every sexually actively adult has at least one strain, and it’s very likely your guy gave it to you without even knowing he was a carrier. Also, if you do have kids, there’s now a vaccine available - I believe the first dose starts around age 13? 


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She can relate.the other day she went back to the doctor and she doesn't have hpv anymore.she took another blood test so we don't know about the herpes.i hope you do connect with her because if this blood test is positive she going to need a friend.its like she would be diagnosed again.thanks for writing Sarah.

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HPV is really not a big deal, basically EVERYONE has it at one point in their lives in fact in the UK they won’t vaccine you against HPV (the only reason there is a vaccine is because it can potentially cause cancer) if you’ve had sex once, because you prob got HPV so pleeeease do not stress about that. Same for herpes! Once you get over the shock you genuinely realise it’s nit hat big a deal, most ppl DONT CARE also the more medical practitioners you speak to the more you realise that HSV2 is a LOT more popular than 1 in 5. My clinic said she thinks in one in 3... do not let the stigma get you

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I have genital hsv1 and hpv - genital warts. Found out about the HSV in April of this year. Thought I was having 4 OB but last week found out it’s hpv genital warts edition. 

As you all know it’s pretty freaking hard to swallow this pill. I’m thinking the same thing about kids etc. But as someone said earlier and I’ve been doing research - disclose all info to your doctor and they’ll handle accordingly. 

I’ve had the “ I’m dirty” mindset too. Honestly sometimes I still do. I cried a lot last week. 

I was celibate for 3 years, now boom have all this to cope with  

It all completely sucks and it’s going to be a challenge  but I keep reading it gets better😊


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I'm so sorry your facing this.do you know what kind of hpv you have? my sister lucked out and her disappeared. she has to take give more blood to confirmed her hsv2. I think things will get better with time.you shouldn't feel dirty though. these things happen. I don't know you but i'm sure your  a beautiful person inside and out. this could happen to anyone. Hugs.Sarah

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