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Is this Herpes?

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Hello Everyone,

I will try to be brief, I got a call from  my ex-girlfriend a week after we broke up, saying how she went to the doctors and because of a paper cut got tested for HSV. Four days later she told me she tested positive for HSV and another std which she wouldn't tell me what it was, only that is was curable. I also couldn't see the diagnoses because she claims they don't have a website, she only received a call(yeah i know, Weird Odd mind games) After that i started to look up symptoms all the while experiencing very slight symptoms like itching and irritation. Tried to get off Mr. google for a while because i thought it was making me paranoid, and scheduled a few doctors appointments and std tests. While the docs did a physical exam, One said i was just thinking too much and it was folliculitis causing the itchiness and irritation. A week later, another said i most likely had Hemorrhoids and not herpes due to  anus/perineum(area between scrotum and anus) Itching/stinging, and i didn't have any OB's, cuts or lesions so they could not do a swab but tried to let me know that herpes was in fact very common and the stigma associated is what makes having it worse than what it actually is. The most common stds, chlamydia, gonorrhea, trich all came back negative. Fast forward a month and I'm having constant mild-ish itching and irritation that comes up for a little while then stops, or flares up on occasion, like on my bum when I'm sitting or wearing tight clothes, In the areas of my butt, hips, lower back, knees, legs, arms basically most of my body all besides my penis lol. But no pain, nothing hurts, no visible rash, just feels like one. Maybe stinging every once a while on like the edge of my anus(which makes be believe hemorrhoids) or at night or right in the morning after a shower. No swollen lymph nodes, fever or blisters, hard to tell if i have flu like symptoms because it would only last for an hour or two if I'm tired or nauseous/headache, nothing would last to were it would be concerning. I blame my diet and life style mostly for that. I'm waiting two more months before i do a blood test, but i want to know has anyone experienced this or close to it? And also what are y'all thoughts? Just lots of confusion, never experienced an STD before just kinda sucks it might be this one, lol. All i know is something is definitely different with my body and i don't know what..., also i have noticed that its quite a bit of depression within the forum posts, its understandable considering my first week with Mr. google was Stressful to say the least, but i just want to say " to experience Life in of its self and to wake up every morning with a breath is priceless"! Thank you to who ever responds, and have a great day! 🙂

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