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HSV1 Risk

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Three weeks ago I placed a single peck/no tongue/saliva on the neck of someone while inebriated and regretted the act as it was not my regular partner. Over the next couple days I had some tingling sensation around the mouth and dry lips. 4 days later the top of my lip had a reddish bump with a slight sensation due to the swelling, but it subsided with a couple days. The other person had no visible sores but there was sweat in the area. A few days later I took a Western Blot test to confirm I already didn't have it. But over the past few, weeks I've all kinds of tingling, dry lips/mouth type symptoms, at times wondering if it was yeast/bacterial. A couple days ago my regular partner started complaining about enlarged lymph nodes behind the ears / neck region. This caused my anxiety levels to elevate and I had another small whitehead that came and went within a few hours. The on/off symptoms have caused a lot of stress/anxiety. Hoping someone can elaborate on the risk/symptoms. Thanks.

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sounds like a low risk but also sounds like what this forum is meant for. you might have been positive for a long time and not known it. kids get type 1 from their parents and other casual contact with family. it is quite common. don't freak out okay 💛 I am freaking out currently but my story is very different. I really don't want anyone to feel badly or close to how  I feel for no reason. Don't do that to yourself. Type 1 is very common on the mouth. It is openly talked about with no judgment in every conversation I have had with other people in the past. along the lines of "oh im sick so i got a cold sore", "oh sucks,  feel better". That's it. It sounds like that's what happen, you got sick, so you got a small cold sore maybe. I of course don't even know if it was, maybe it was a zip 

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