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Nerve Pain


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My nerve pain was different than some people report! I've only had one known outbreak and it was on my cervix so I had no clue until I went to the GYN and had an exam done. My lower back hurt really bad along with shooting pains down both legs. Along with that, from my butt down to the bottoms of both feet my skin was SO sensitive to the touch, like wearing pants and having them rub my legs was painful and I had to wear shoes or socks even in my house because carpet was painful to walk on. It was intense! 

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Sadly I just had to suffer through it until it quit! I am on 500mg of valtrex a day, but while I was having my first breakout it was more but I don't remember exactly what the mg was. I know I took 2 a day though, for 2 weeks. It kept me awake too for sure! The back pain and pelvic pain together was awful, and the leg pain made it to where I couldn't stop moving my legs long enough to even try to sleep. It went away eventually, maybe lasting 3ish weeks. I haven't had those problems since that first time, but I have also been on valtrex since because it was such a significant outbreak. 


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After my second OB (which was only a couple weeks after) I was put on acyclovir twice a day for suppression therapy and it helps with the leg pain. It’s still there when I have an OB but so much better and easier to manage since being started on suppression therapy, to me, the nerve pain was so much more painful than the actual sores were and that’s what mentally broke me. 

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Give it some time to build up in your system. To me...I’ve honestly gotten a new sense of “normal” but it gets easier and better with time. I’m still fairly newly diagnosed but give your body time to adjust. It sadly takes time. Just be patient. 

And yes...it is hell when your dr is all in your business downstairs 😩

And honestly you have to listen to your body. I won’t ever tell anyone to “de-stress” your life. I think that’s the biggest joke. It’s life, it’s stressful, ESPECIALLY when you first get diagnosed. But if you feel sick/exhausted try to take it as easy as possible and make sure you get enough rest. That’s key for me. 

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31 minutes ago, Dreamer07 said:


This is my first outbreak and I am taking 2 pills (2 grams) Valtrex myself. I’ve only been on it since Saturday. When will I get some relief? I’m tired and I’m pain. I feel like my OB is on my cervix as well, but the confusion in getting a clear diagnosis was hell in itself. 

Yeah, it is hell. I was taking it for 12 days to be exact, then after those 12 days I went to the OB and she checked me again and said it had improved but still had a sore or two that was still trying to heal and she suggested suppressive therapy because the OB was one of the worst she had ever seen (the worst considering the OB was only on my cervix and nowhere else) according to her. The pain didn't completely go away until about 3 weeks after the start of it. So just give it some time, it WILL get better. I'm sorry, I wish I had more advice!

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