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New dx questions


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I was just diagnosed on September 11th with Oral hsv2 and genital hsv2, my menstruation cycle is typically 24-28 days  and if it’s off it comes early; not late. I am now on day 30, no period signs but also still have symptoms from my outbreak. I know ive been through a lot physically and emotionally the last few weeks but I’m wondering if anyone has had experience with outbreaks or anti virals throwing off their cycles? I did have a lot of spotting during the first week of my outbreak. 



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Hi - sorry, I'll leave the menstrual advice to the ladies.. but I've read it's almost impossible to catch oral hsv2 - is it noticeably worse than your average coldsore? Did you have a swab sample taken from your mouth?

*Ignore me, I found your thread*

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I didn’t get any cold sores and I didn’t test positive for type 1, only positive for type two. Almost thrush like symptoms, white film in my mouth and tongue, enlarged lymph nodes, swollen and sore tongue, and canker sores on my cheeks and tongue, prodromal symptoms in my face and lips, nose, and mouth. Tongue numb and tingly. 

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I tested negative for hsv1 and positive for hsv2 I have a outbreak in my mouth/throat/genitals/ and an area on my leg.. I think I got infected all three places at the same time. I think I have a very weakened immune system as well. If you have the virus and have built up antibodies is unlikely to get it in another area but if the virus was new you could get infected multiple areas. 

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The symptoms started on my genitals and then showed up on my throat a few days later. I had blisters and lesions, felt papercut like sores, couldn’t pee because it was so inflamed. My pelvis felt puffy and tingly, and I had some bleeding. 

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