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HSV1 Genital diagnosis

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Hey guys 21 female 😞 just got told I have genital hsv1 2 days ago from an urgent care. I meet with my primary this Tuesday so I can hopefully be on a every day medicine?. Been feeling down due to the fact that I feel like this outbreak will never go away. I don’t know anyone to my knowledge with it so I feel nothing but alone. I just have so many questions if you guys could help.... 

when can I have sex again? (Safely obviously) am I allowed to drink or will that dirty my urine and make it more painful to pee? How do I go on not thinking about? When can I shave again and should I try not to shave? Will my body get used to an every day antiviral and just not work if I do have an outbreak or do I have to double up on the dosage? Idk....I am at loss for questions now I have the opportunity. I just have no knowledge on the issue. Thanks if anyone responds. 

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Hey hun, I’m so sorry you are dealing with this and at such a young age. I am 31 this year and I was also diagnosed with GHSV1 this month. From what I have been seeing on here is that, you should wait 5 or more days from when your outbreak (OB) clears to be sexually active again.

When it comes to alcohol, I’ve read a lot of people saying too much alcohol is a trigger for them to have an OB. I’ve been drinking a lot of soda lately and it does seem to disturb my comfort when urinating. I think the same may hold true with alcohol. 

I am on daily antivirals and it has really helped to clear things up. I also started taking 1g of Lysine per day. I believe it helps with minimizing viral shedding. 

I would wait till things clear up to shave. Some have mentioned shaving causing an outbreak for them, but I haven’t reached that yet. 

I just wanted to respond to you. I saw no one else has. I hate that you are so young. But what I can say is, I found out on Sept 10th, and because of this website I am learning to accept things the way they are and understand that my life will go on just the same & better. It’s what you make of it. You will soon find much support here on this forum.

Good luck with everything!

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