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New outbreak day after outbreak ended

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I had my first outbreak mid August whilst on holiday and my second OB began about a week ago. I was prescribed aciclovir 200mg and told to take 5 per day for 5 days. 

I only had one blister this time which has now scabbed over and I’d taken all 25 tablets by yesterday. It seemed liked the outbreak had ended and was healing.

At about 5pm today new prodomal symptoms started and by now (9pm) two new blisters seem to be appearing. I’ve started my second box of aciclovir because I can’t really see any alternative. I coped well with the first and second outbreak but the idea of a third outbreak so soon has  really shaken me. 

I’m under a lot of pressure at college with A Levels so I’m very stressed but there’s not much I can do to change this. 

Any ideas why I’ve got an outbreak again so soon and how I can alleviate my symptoms?   

There are two blisters this time but only one last week, any help would be much appreciated 


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I had one blister my first outbreak and just getting over my second one now I had 4 pimples although I sunnomif it was an out break bc it was in a different spot and my doctor said if it was an outbreak I would b in pain and I wasn’t. Have u tried talking to your doctor? Maybe it’s soemtning else? Or maybe they can change your medication? 

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Hey @Myla123


  This is not that unusual for a first exposure.  I'm sorry, I know it's rough but there are things you can do to alleviate your discomfort.  If you can get to your doctor, discuss a maintainable prescription for daily suppression. I know you've been taking alot of valtrex, also look into L-lysine as a daily supplement.  Pills aside, of course help your body out as best you can; it's trying to form the necessary antibodies to fight the virus so anything you can do to be proactive , try.  If you cannot minimize your stresses, try to increase the positives like healthy foods, please stay hydrated, walk around as much as possible,  and  deep breaths.  I know this new reality is rough, so reach out here, or to your family, let some of us help carry the burden.  We can do that, you know.  Friends divide sorrows.


  As always, talk with your doctor about all pills, and know that you can talk to us about anything.

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