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Does anyone know where to get a latex shorts/condom thing for safer sex?

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There used to be the "Scrogaurd" but I guess it was laughed out of existence. I'd to try something like in this pic. I would wear it, and then my boxers over it, while putting my penis through the boxers. In my estimation, that's very unlikely to spread the virus.  The pic is from amazon, but I'm not about the size and what have you. I have seen a few latex short condom duo kits and they are like $400. Given the ubiquity of herpes, I'm really surprised there aren't more things like this. My biggest anxiety is about transmission. I assume others feel this too!



Latex shorts with condom.JPG

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Hi Ishmael, I do share the same concern than you. I think if you ever buy one like this,  it will be already extra sure, and probably overkill!

I don't think you'd need to wear boxers on top of it.

The reason is because the belly area and the thighs and buttocks are safe places against asymptomatic shedding (that is, unless you had open sores on it), because the skin on those places is too thick and will contain the virus unless there's an (unlikely) outbreak on there.

I also think that is very strange there isn't a common solution that covers the critical areas: the base of the penis, and maybe the balls.

I have found however that the thin "ultrasensible" condoms wrap better the penis, and keep better on their place during sex, and can cover more of the penis base when they are well placed/stretched. Not completely, but if an average condom covers 75%, those would cover 85%. That is my experience.

However I'd like to know if there's a middle ground between a full latex boxer like that and a typical condom, including the ultrasensible ones. Entrepreneurs are missing a huge market!!!

Finally, we have to consider that many couples use average condoms and take the suppressive therapy, and avoid sex during outbreaks, and this is enough for them to never pass the virus - so there's a reasonable margin of safety if you follow those steps.

Having a better "herpes condom" though, would be really good news for millions and millions of people.

Could be that the industry of average condoms are slowing down any project to avoid losing market share? I don't know.

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