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I’m ot sure what to rbi k or if these is me reallY hoping my doctor is a moron and has not  clue what she is talking about. I noticed a blister about a month ago went to urgi care they gave me a blood test called me 5 days later to say I have been exposed to the virus months ago and to see my gyno. I CALLES MT DOXTOR SHE SQUEEZES ME in the next day says it looks like a cyst but take a swab anyway calls me back 7 days later say it was positive for H and when I asked what I do now she says nothing didn’t put me on meds or anything. I ho to my primary explain the story to him he says it doesn’t make sense and sends me for blood work rbat was 2 weeks ago I have called him 3 time as well for results and I have not gotten a call back Fast foward 3 weeks later I was going through personal issues crying non stop an out break?? I had a pimple followed by 3 spots under it in a different location. I call my doctor to ask for meds they ask if

im in pain or irritated  I say no they said hold off it could b something else.... what else? So I call the next day again to ask for meds no cbk I call again at night for the on call doctor dinnalt agrees to call me in a script... I’ve been taking valtrex since Thursday the 3 red apots raw done but the pimple looking one is still there looks like it’s healong. 





I’m kinda new so I will probably be posting a million question... do our breaks tend to happen in the same spot? It is it different places every time?  Can this maybe not be herpes? Or is it just me hoping and wishing? 

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Hi Jenn88

So sorry for all your hurt!

Yes out breaks do often happen in the same place most commonly but they can be in other places too.
It is most likely H as you were diagnosed with it.
Don't really know why your Doctor did not give you meds but at least you are taking Valtrex now.
Also can use Zovirax cold sore cream (or equivalent) as I find this helps speed up healing.

I know it doesn't seem like it right now but It is not the worse thing in the world, it really isn't.

Stay strong, wish you the best of luck, big hugs!

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She only gave me for 5 days and that is bc I harassed her. She did not want to give them bc I had no symptoms. My primary did a second round of bloodwork 2 weeks ago but never called me. I called him 3 times hAve gotten no response. I would like another opinion but I guess I have to wait for a sore to appear? 

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Seems strange not to give you meds if you had an OB but if you have no OB currently then you don't need take them.
I always keep a spare course in a drawer at home just in case.

I don't know if its the same in USA, as I'm from UK, but here you can get a full course of Aciclovir tablets by ordering online & going in to pick it up on same day from Superdrug.
Cost wise, its a little more expensive than a normal Doctors but gives you the option.
Also can get 3 months suppression from them too.

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