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Looking for some help- Scared about possible exposure

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New to the forum, would appreciate some expert advice please-

Background - oral and genital contact 5 months ago.  Friend reported that she got GHSV1 a week later and informed me about her condition.  I immediately went for IgG and it came back HSV1+ and HSV2-.  I went on antivirals as a precaution.  At 16.5 week’s repeated testing and it was the same, HSV+ and HSV2-.  Didn’t know at the time about how antiviral might affect the results.  Was asymptomatic until 3 weeks ago.

1) So the symptoms Ive been having have kinda been ongoing for the past 3 weeks, with new little red bumps showing up at various times (do not appear as blisters, but also don’t look like pimples).  At first it was a couple on my thigh, then a few on my pubic area the next week, then 3 bumps on my shaft next,  then a few more this past week on my butt and pubic areas again.  Last night had some redness middle part of the glans that appeared somewhat raised, but not bumpy. I have also experienced some burning pains in toes, fingers and buttocks at various times (not imagining it, but do realize that I’m stressed).  Have been to a PA, NP and MD, all say nah...this doesn’t look like herpes.

If this were an GHSV breakout would the bumps, etc jump around from week to week and last for 3+ weeks (all while on 1Gram/day valtrex) or would expect the bumps to come and go generally at the same time? 

2) Regarding swab tests, my partner got one done when she had lesions (not sure what kind, culture most likely). Assuming my friends test detected virus and was then typed correctly (which is what I’m being told), how certain is it that one could count on the HSV1 result?  Do they sometimes detect virus and miss the typing? Or is it such that if virus is detected and typing is performed- that it’s reliable?  I ask because I’m nervous that my friends results may be bad or she’s not telling me the truth.

Also- can you also get bumps on your chest /arms? I have a few odd ones that appeared a few days ago.

I very much appreciate your help!

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I agree that what you’re experiencing doesn’t sound like any type of herpes. Herpes only appear where an infected body part came in contact with. They normally do not switch locations. Usually where u 1st get an outbreak is where you’ll always get an outbreak. How long each outbreak lasts is also different, as well as how often you have it. Honestly, The antivirals do not help. I’ve read that ppl who take them actually have more outbreaks than those (like myself) who go the natural vitamins route. Since i started taking vitamins, I havent had an outbreak (almost 3 months now).

The burning pains and nerve pains are normal. Herpes sits in the spine. I’ve never heard of anyone having herpes on the chest and arms but hey, again, if an infected body part touched that area then I guess it is possible. 

Testing is usually accurate. A swab on a legion will show if it’s been in the body long or was just caught. The blood test determines type. I don’t think your friend would lie. I mean once you confess you have herpes, saying anything else about it is a piece of cake. 

I kissed a guy once and had unprotected sex with him twice in one night and two weeks later he said he has a cold sore on his lip and had spots on his penis but those spots didn’t hurt or look like pimples/blisters either. However, he isn’t going to go get tested for an unknown reason, so maybe it is herpes spots you’re experiencing. 

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