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Piecing the puzzle

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So here is my story and please don’t judge. I had a friend wirh benefits for 2 years we hit s rough patch I began dating a guy down. Year that ended and me and my friend with benefits got back together...


fast foward 2 months  ago we hit another rough patch I was in my feelings one night and other guy called me to hangout so I did. We had def then the next g day friend with benefits calls to hang out we have sex.  2 days later I ask to see him again and he tells me he needs recouped from the 2 days before. Now this is embarrassing  but at one point I was extremely dry but we pushed through anyway and o was on a lot of pain. So I asked him what he means and he said he had friction marks from the roughness. He said he wasn’t in pain or anything the friction marks were just there. The next day while showering I notice I have a blister. Which is when I went to urgi care. At this point I was told I had a cut that didn’t heal properly so I thought it was the rough sex so my friend and I don’t I he’s messing around oral sex.. and we were talking about the friction marks and he said it’s bappened to him on a few o. Asians normally when we are in arid bc our time is limited. He also said it happened to him when he was younger once.  It has me thinking to when we first started. The first time I ever have him oral he said he got a lot of pain down there and was told rbT bc I was sick wirh a cold I passed my

Infectionon to him. I at that point had gone to 3 doctors who told me that was impossible and all my teSt cane back negative. Doctor said there is no way I could have a bacterial infection in my throat and pass it to him. Um wondering if he  is the one who gave it to me not knowing. I have spoken wirh the other guy and he is done he has not had any symptoms or mentioned anything to me. I did let him k ow I tested positive not sure I’d he went to get tested but I haven’t said anything to my fwb 

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I saw the dude rbis weekend...me and the other guy will never be anything more than friends..... he hates that I lied and I love him to much to expose him To this virus. Although I told the other guy and he is getting tested.... if he comes back negative I know it was the guy I’m in love with so I’m waiting on that before I say anything.... is that wrong? How are you doing ? 

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Well I dunno see I’m confused.  We had sex on a Sunday and there was a point where there was a dryness issue but we pushed through and it hurt real bad.... so I had asked on Tuesday if we could meet up he texted me back saying we needed to wait bc he said  he was feeling. Bit of pain on his penis then he said that on Monday he had a few scabs on his penis I was like from what he said they were friction marks that he had gotten them a few times before when we were together from rough sex I was like oh o I never heard of that he said yea it happened to him when he was younger. I had honestly never heard Of that so I googled friction marks on ow is and ewww. Then on that Wednesday I went to shower and I noticed my blister. That Saturday I went to urgi care. I really believe in my heart that I may have gotten this from him.  Bc he told me that this had happened to jim

whwn he was younger wirh some other girl. So maybe it was H and he juat thought it was friction marks. When I went to get tested and I was explaining this to my

doctor me telling her he mentioned having scans is what prompted her to give me the blood tast

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Back in July I found out and have had monthly outbreaks since. The doctor I spoke with said I shouldn’t try to suppress it because you could lower your immune system by taking it every day? He made it sound like suppression can do more harm than good. I’m always stressed between work, school, my daughter and I just totaled my car so there’s always some sort of new stress entering my life. Im a walking h. Lol. Im not really in the dating scene bc im so busy and don’t want to stress over disclosing. The guy that gave it to me has also been harassing me to keep his name out of my mouth so that’s been super annoying. I guess I’m handling everything the best way I can for now. 

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