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HSV 2 and methotrexate

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Hi Everyone ,

I have recently been diagnosed with hsv 2. I have a casual sex partner of many years, but did not get or give this to him. Thank God. Ee just started spending some time together again, I told him I had been exposed to the virus and am on valtrex but did not tell him I am igg positive. My infections disease doctor told me it was not necessary to disclose to a causal sex partner if I was on valtrex and using condoms (which we have both times since my diagnosis). He is now on methotrexate for an auto immune condition. I've avoided him since he started taking it. I can't find much information on the subject, does anyone know if him being on an immunosuppressant puts him at greater than the 1% risk? I certainly don't want to pass this to anyone, especially him as it may be problematic. He has had recurrent bouts of shingles, and it has not been a problem on the medicine for him, but seems like hsv 2 is a whole new ballgame. I'm just embarrassed to tell him, and since we aren't in a actual relationship, I'm not sure I should. Any advice would be appreciated. 



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18 minutes ago, _a_rayofsunshine_ said:

Why are you scared? Fear of rejection? Fear of what? He’s either going to accept you, flaws & all, or isn’t. If he doesn’t, he’s not the only man left on Earth. You partially told him, now you just have to say, hey, remember when I mentioned I was exposed to H, well apparently I ended up testing positive to having 

 I just think he will feel he has no choice but to "reject" me, based on his taking the medication. I also would rather engage in sex inside of a relationship. So that's my out. If he approaches me for a full-on relationship, I will tell him before we have sex. You are right, I should be accepted, flaws and all. This is so new to me. I know it's not a big deal, but some days it feels like its the first day all over again. 💔

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