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Need some help please

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Hello everyone

New to the forum but not new to herpes, first had it about 4 years ago (not sure what type I have but think it’s type 1 on genitals and face) and I’m having constant padromes, outbreaks and nerve pain. Have tried lots of different things and antivirals have a limited effect on me.

Just having a bad couple of days emotionally and just wanted to speak to someone who understands what I’m going through. Feel like I’ve lost all hope, there’s no reason to go on, why am I being punished so much for just having sex with someone I loved and all that jazz.

Does anyone else still feel like this, years into their diagnosis? If so would like to know how you cope with the depression and the physical symptoms.

Thank you.

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If many dif. meds aren't working you may want to work on general health. Eating well, getting  a a healthy weight (if you aren't already), working out, and finding ways to de-stress. A generally unhealthy body will not be able to fight the virus as well as a healthy one. That's really my only input here. I'm a nurse and I find this is correct in any health condition I have ever seen. 

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I still feel like this almost 15 years in to having it. I got it at a pretty young age so I’ve had it most of my sexual life and it’s never easy. I try to focus on the other positives in my life and know that so many people have it or have something worse and can learn to love themselves. It’s a work in progress. Talking to someone helps. I saw a therapist and actually never talked about herpes but through talking about other areas in my life I was able to get myself out of a dark period in my life. 

Just know that you’re stronger than you think and this doesn’t have to define you. 

Find ways to get your feelings out whether it’s talking, working out, music art or dance. Whatever works for you really just hang in there it will get better

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