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Hsv-1 high 3.49

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Here is  my back ground.since I was a kid I have always had sores on my lips mostly if I take two or three days without brushing my teeth .so I just thought that was normal 


But recently the girl I was with told me her ex might have given her herpes ...we had intercourse and and week later i went to get checked out after she told me they found she has herpes in her blood but no out breaks.


My results come out and it said hsv-1 high 3.49

And hsv-2 was 0.10 .

I keep seeing hsv-1 is kinda normal and mostly mouth sores and maye I have had  that since I was kid.


Can some give me more info or tell me if the hsv-1 that is high means bad.   ..they didn't really explain it to me at clinic. They just me you tested positive and it's no big deal .  I mean could my high hsv-1 grow and become worse to hsv-2 

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No, HSV1 is one type of Herpes Virus, and HSV2 is another type of Herpes Virus. Think of it like animals. You can have a two birds that are both parakeets, but one lives on the ground, and one lives in trees. Both Parakeets, but not the same. Similarly, HSV-1 normally likes to live in the mouth, and HSV-2 normally likes to live in the genitals. You could get HSV-2, but it would be from an exposure, not from an HSV-1 infection that you already had that morphed into HSV-2.

As far as your lab results go. I really am not sure what the they mean. Do you know what kind of test they ran?

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