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Super confused about my body

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So I wrote prior about this issue but wanted to give an update... bare with me I’m sorry it’s so long! 

Okay so here is what’s going on. 

So the last time I had sex was 8/13 and it was protected sex. Around 8/23 I started noticing a strong odor coming from my vagina. Kinda how it smelled whenever I would have Bacteria Vaginosis. Then shortly after I got really itchy in my Genital and inner thigh & butt area. But the itchiness would be off and on. Some days I would itch and others I wouldn’t at all. Also if it were really hurt sometimes I would get irritant with itching. The odor began to smell really fishy like as well. I also had a scab on my labia that I would scratch. So fast forward to 9/13 I had random unexplained shooting pain in my vagina area any time I would get up after sitting for awhile. That too, went away after the day. I then noticed the scab area on my labia was now a red bump that hurt. I think it went away after a week. I then started getting a discomfort in my lower abdomen area and on 9/24 it hurt if I walked really fast or too much. It went away or it would kinda come and go occasionally. I discovered in this time one of my eyes got red and I got a tingly feeling on my lip and a little bump came that didn’t hurt at all after I scratched my lip when it itched. It too went away after a day or so (the eye). The lip bump was just kinda a scab. I opted to go to the hospital 10/1 to see what was going on. My abdomen hurt when the doctor pressed down on it during a pelvic exam. It also kinda hurt when she entered me a bit. She treated me for a yeast infection but said an infection was also found in my urine. So anyway, I took the meds but when I got home I decided to examine my genital area and I see what looks like a rash on the corner crevices of my vagina where the pubic area is. And there are whitish rashy scaby type areas near the entrance on my inner thighs. I hadn’t noticed it before. I immediately chalked it up to herpes (I’m a bit of a worry wart as well) I decided to once again go back to the hospital to be seen. I went and showed the problem area to the gynecologist and she told me it wasn’t herpes at all. She looked at the areas closely and seems to think I just have a skin issue and not the virus. So again, I left. I have been a bit itchy down there lately but I also haven’t shaved/waxed in a while because I’m too afraid to so that may be adding to the problem? I have been having some discomfort when I walk due to the rubbing of my genitals on my jeans. I again examined myself to find a red line that appeared to be kinda raw, no blisters or anything though?


should I take both of the doctors words or does this seem like herpes? I’m just worried because I’m a student studying abroad in France and I’m super scared and confused. Please offer any guidance or advice of what this could be? If it is an outbreak...would it last this long? 

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