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Confused! Really really confused.

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Tuesday went into the doctors with a itchy Libia majora (outer lips)... she took a look inside my vagina and saw a cluster of white tiny little dots inside my liba minora (inner lips) she put me on anti viral, the sores didn’t turn into anything. They kinda just disappeared after a day. Never opened,  but it was itchy... not the sores itself but the outer lips were so very very itchy. The inside the Liba minora wasn’t bothered at all. I could pee fine, no sores were opening. I did have a green discharge and an awful smell... anyway, she took a blood test, both igg and igm the time of the outbreak, both came back negative. Based on looking at it, she for sure thought it was herpes. 


I had sex with a guy on September 20th then again September 27th. And I had this outbreak on October 2nd. So within the 2-10 infection date. I’m waiting for results from this guy to see if he has it. I’m kinda already convinced I have herpes because I’ve never experienced symptoms like this before in my life and it falls in line with this guy and infection date. But it’s weird that my blood work came back negative... even during an outbreak? Unless this wasn’t an outbreak and something else... I’m just curious, have any of you been in this situation before? Where you were on an active outbreak and the blood work came back negative? The same doctor who said I had herpes based on visual inspection, then assured me there’s no way I have herpes because it was on a weird spot and the blood work came back negative. But I’ve been reading that doctors don’t know anything, and shouldn’t be making promises like this. And I could still have it. I just really want a yes you have it or no you don’t so I can stop wondering and just move forward and take care of this. 

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And does anyone have pictures of what herpes looks like? Because everything I find on the internet looks real extreme and looks nothing like what I had. But then again, I was on a anti viral? Which I don’t know if that stops a first outbreak? 

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Most of the time blood work will come back negative in the beginning. Takes awhile for the antivirals to build up in your system and until then bloodwork will be negative. The doctor didn’t do a culture swab to test for herpes when she saw the bumps? She just put you on an antiviral? Bad call on her part if so. 

Next steps would be to get blood work done again in maybe 6 months to be sure. If you are still negative I would say you probably don’t have herpes. Also, pictures won’t do you much good for a diagnosis. The only symptoms I’ve ever had are tiny cut like bumps. Only one at a time. Barely noticeable 

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@Fml93 It’s too bad the doctor didn’t swab— that would have given results. Agree with @annalove that blood work isn’t clear initially. I went in with outbreak got swabbed AND blood test. Blood test negative, swab positive. Doctor confirmed this backed up her sense that it was a first outbreak given nothing prior, the virus-like/flu-like symptoms AND negative blood test showing no antibodies.

If the sores are gone, it’s too late to get swabbed now, but if it reoccurs, insist they swab the sores!

I’ve not read about a green smelly discharge before associated with herpes! A discharge can be for sure, but Not for everyone and I don’t think of that type typically. That almost sounds like something else, but I’m not the doc!

good luck to you!

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It takes weeks, even months for antibodies to show up in your blood. The most reliable test is the swab culture, which should be done as soon as you experience an outbreak. This looks at the DNA in the sore and can detect whether it could possibly be HSV1 or 2. I'm sorry you're going through this. I was recently diagnosed with HSV2 mid September. The partner I was sleeping with tested negative via the blood test, but I still believe it's him I contracted the virus from, especially since it takes so long for antibodies to develop in the blood. 

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21 hours ago, Fml93 said:

And does anyone have pictures of what herpes looks like? Because everything I find on the internet looks real extreme and looks nothing like what I had. But then again, I was on a anti viral? Which I don’t know if that stops a first outbreak? 

To add to my prior post, I didn't have classic symptoms of HSV2. It looked more like cuts to me. Pictures on the internet and actual symptoms can be vastly different depending upon how they manifest in your body. Anti-virals will shorten an outbreak and will help prevent future outbreaks by suppressing the virus. However, it's no guarantee that you won't have another outbreak.  

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