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Newly diagnosed.. How to deal with lesions, irritation, and pain?

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I was diagnosed with hsv2 a couple months ago. I slept with someone who did not disclose, didnt give me the option to do my research.


Im disappointed in the education provided to me by the doctors and am very thankful I found this site. While a lot of my questions have been answered, i still have more. Especially because in having an outbreak right now.


How to relieve pains?


Ive been on Valtrex for the last 24hours but that doesnt stop the irritation from happening. I can feel my lymph nodes in my groin just aching. I've been taking ibuprofen but that doesn't seem to help.

My lesions are present on my bikini area, wearing under wear irritates it. What can i do to relieve these pains?


Like i said i have many more but i feel this is the only one that needs to be addressed. Im sure there are posts with the rest of my questions.


I was starting to be okay with having this virus until i had another outbreak. And while i know the meds will help in the long run, i need relief from this pain now! My confidence hasn't been this low in a long time. I'm trying not to shame myself but naturally Thats difficult.


Any newcomer help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much.

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Hi @DarkUnicorn

  Firstly, I am sorry you found yourself here, but I am glad that you made your way to this site.  I hope it helps you, as it's done for me.  That being said...as well as your antivirals, I recommend taking Lysine as a supplement.  I'm not sure on the science, but it helps out loads of us here both easing symptoms and outbreaks.  For immediate discomfort, many people have found relief with oatmeal baths, or other topical treatments like that can help.  Cool compresses, as the virus loves warm places can help as well.  Also, double check with your doc that you are not dealing with a bacterial issue as well...that happened to me once thinking it was all H related and I actually needed an antibiotic to help my body fight an infection that presented the same.

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I was just diagnosed on Monday, my outbreak started a week before that. I was doing sitz baths for a while and they helped a little. I took ibuprofen and that worked for a couple days but then seemed to stop (I also don't like taking ibuprofen long term). I don't know where you live but I found an amazing CBD salve that worked SO well, it also contains Eucalyptus, both are believed to help reduce pain and inflammation. 

I know CBD isn't considered necessarily legal everywhere based on whether or not they removed all the THC, but I do think it's pretty widely available. P.S. I do live in a crazy conservative state where I feel relatively certain that the state government would be going after CBD if it contained THC. I mean, Utah...enough said, right?

I agree with KRS17 about lysine. After I started the valtrex it seemed to not really be doing anything at all for me, I was getting more sores, I called my Dr. and she said to just keep going and it would eventually help. But I kept reading about lysine and thought that it couldn't hurt. It's been 3 days since I started taking it and all my sores are gone. I read a lot of people's comments about how much to take and it seemed like people who took higher doses felt like they saw better results (I'm taking 3500mg a day, but will probably reduce it to 1500mg after I'm all cleared up to help with supression) I certainly can't say that it was because of the lysine, it could be that the valtrex finally caught up to my viral load, but I guess I would at least recommend that you give it a try, it can't hurt and it doesn't break the bank.


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I also was just diagnosed.  Had a terrible time with the outbreak--swelling, itching, irritation, etc.  Until I got diagnosed and got on antiviral (acyclovir--both oral and ointment--which cleared it up) the two things that gave me the most relief were:  ice packs (get the flexible kind so it conforms to the irritated area) and Gold Bond lidocaine.  You can also use preparation H or any other cream or ointment with lidocaine--that will relieve the pain but I did have to keep reapplying.  As for underwear--I don't know if you are male or female-- but I am female and used to wear bikinis, which of course were impossibly irritating around the leg elastic. I bought long briefs from Amazon and they are so very comfortable!  I was used to sleeping with no underwear on but I found that until my outbreak cleared, sleeping in these cotton briefs offered the most relief and comfort.  I am guessing because that area tends to sweat and the moisture exacerbates the problem.  The cotton underwear served to absorb the moisture and keep the area dry.  My doctor recommended Sitz bath but my outbreak had cleared by the time mine arrived from Amazon (for some reason my local pharmacies did not carry them!)  Good luck!

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