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First exposure illness

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Has anyone every had the "herp fever" after first exposure last longer then the standard 2 to 3 weeks?

Also.... Is it usually very severe for you guys?


My story

      Starting out as fever, runny nose, sinus congestion, body aches, weakness, Nausea with no vomiting,  painful GI spasms, sore throat, exhaustion, headaches that turned into migraines every day, I was never without a headache, and general body pain. 

      That seemed to ease up expect for the sore throat and headaches but both were improving in severity.  Then two days ago the lymph nodes on my left side are so large and painful. The left side of my air way is basically swollen shut. The pain is acute in them. Swallowing is when the pain is worst along with migraine but only on my left side.My ear on the left is also in pain as well as both my eyes, left being much worse then the right.  I count my ibuprofen so I don't exceed 3000 a day, but without 600 mg about every 4 to 5 hours my throat is a 8 out of 10 pain whenever I swallow, and a 4 or 5 out of 10 doing nothing.  the left side of my face and neck are swollen and painful to the touch.

     As for the sores, they were gone a long time ago. A week ago, and to begin with they were very minor. only 2 i saw that were the size of pin head. I was told there were blisters inside the vaginal area (I was told by my OBGYN). Even at its worst without meds it just felt like a yeast infection, I would say it was unconformable for sure but not specifically painful. 

      My emotional reaction is a story for another time (it was a full on mental breakdown) but as of the last 5 days I have been quite calm and happy for the most part.:classic_rolleyes: Lowest stress level I have had since all this started. I had rejoined the world, taught a class at my job (I'm a nurse),  took joy in my pt interactions, went back to the gym again, and hung out with friends. So stress is prob not the cause, I would think.

-Exposure date: 9/30                                                              -Symptoms appeared 10/2                                              -Started anti-virals on 10/4 

Can anyone share what happened to them at first exposure and how long it lasted, it is not a popular topic on here in detail. You'r stories would be helpful.



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I'm not sure if it was related to my initial outbreak or if it caused my outbreak, but when I found out I had it it was after a 3 day stay at the hospital due to a constant fever of 104 (it would go down to maybe 100 with meds but would always go back up and that lasted for about a week), body aches, awful abdominal and lower back pain, pain shooting down my legs, and ridiculous discharge. They ruled it a pelvic infection (but tested for STI's that typically cause pelvic infections and was negative for all of them so they were totally clueless on why I was so sick) and pumped me full of 3 different antibiotics the 3 days that I was there, I still was in pain and still had a low grade fever when I got discharged and two days later I had to follow up with my gyno and she did an exam and that's when she said I had ulcers all over my cervix. Did the swab test that came back positive, started my valtrex, and didn't feel normal for weeks. I honestly still don't, and I've been on suppressive therapy ever since and that was about 4 months ago, but I also don't even know when my OB went away since the only ulcerations I had were on my cervix. I felt like I was honestly on my death bed.

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When I had my first outbreak I didn't knew it was an outbreak, I thought it was a UTI amd took meds for that. After seeing it didn't got better I went to the OBGYN and she diagnosed me. I experienced loss of appetite, light leg heaviness/pain, kinda runny nose and i think I had a little fever (never cheked my body temperature but I felt my face kinda hot but I didn't care about it so much because I thought it was bc of summer). All this symptoms started after like 2 days after having sex with the only sexual partner I have been with (my bf of 4.6 yrs and we been having sex for like 3 years and a half so I know he gave it to me). My first outbreak was so painful. I don't know either if that day we had sex he gave it to me or if I have had it since we starting having sex (I haven't get any kinda test to even know which strain I have) but I think it was a new one, but honestly idk. Also I have been experiencing a lot of discharge since after like 1 week my diagnosis and kinda tickling when I pee. My OBGYN says it's nothing...


I have been diagnosed like 4 months ago. Nowadays i'm not on supressive therapy and I have been experiencing OB's kinda frecuently (each month when my period comes and somethimes in between but milder that the first OB). Mentally I've been like a rollercoaster with ups and downs but I'm always thinking about H. So I'm kinda jealous that you have been well (but good for you! Not trying to be nagative of shady by any means) I wish I could feel the same way.



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I was getting well mentally. but I'm sick as damn dog. I have been for weeks. I'm in so much pain all the time, but this tonsillitis had been the worst. My life is at stand still, losing weight despite eating as much as I can and the weakness. urg.   Many years ago, about 13 years ago i was in a really bad place mentally bc of how i grew up so...I starting meditating and doing brain exercises to control my reactions/moods. Its been very helpful my whole life. I think that's why I have been starting to be able to cope with the DX of HSV so fast, having 10 plus years experience training your mind helps! I would suggest doing the same, it's hard at first but honestly it is so helpful for literally everything. (btw yes i did have melt down, a bad one) I was def not exempt from that.    


Why aren't you taking meds to reduce OB? any particular reason? They seem like, based on my research, very helpful 

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thank you for sharing your  stories. I felt like I was the only one who this sick since no one was talking about. I'm going to the urgent care today bc my friend won't let me not lol. If anything it would be just on confirm this is a HSV related infection not a secondary one. I don't think I have ever been this sick in my life aside my a stomach virus that was very bad one year. 

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My OBGYN told me that my body at some point should cope with the virus by itself, when she diagnosed me she gave me acyclovir 2 pills 3 times a day for 5 days and after that 1 pill for 25 days (to suppres) but even then when I had my first period I was in the suppresive therapy and I had a mild OB during my period so I thought there's nothing I could do even if I take the pills...


I think it's a good idea to go to the urgent care and get check your immune system, maybe you should take multivitamin to boost it and then feel better.


Def I wanna start to meditate but I don't know how to do it 😞 any suggestions?


 Hope you get better soon!!

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I have been on valacycolvir x2 daily since the...4th. I do need to go and get blood work but more things keep happening. like found out I was one day or so away from having to having my dang throat drained due to tonsillitis. I'm glad my friend dragged my stubborn ass to the urgent care.  

I have no idea if I will have any more OB, I have only had my first one so far but I've only had this less then a month so....i sure hope my body adjusts to the virus soon. weight is melting off my like butter from how sick I have been. I was in great shape, a body builder. I look like a skinny sick thing now. 


As for meditation: I sort of learned from my dad and reading some things. Everyone does it differently but what I do is this. (it took alot a practice). I learned how to feel the energy around me/and in me. Learned to "see" it so that I can move it and manipulate it. I know that sounds crazy but it works. I'm a nurse and I have used it on agitated/confused hospice patients and animals. I used to sit in a wooded area by my home for hours at time and try try try. That's where I found my sort of...enlightenment and stopped doing it so purposefully. Now

I just use mini sessions while I'm going about my day. I also retrained my brain to be positive, accepting, and kind. I used to be an angry piece of shit, just brought everyone around me down. Now I'm good, it's like I have calm sea in my chest almost all the time. I don't let the storms in the world around me impact my calm sea. usually.  I have to say that my HSV diagnosis was a challenge, it took about 7 days for me to get my calm back.  Even now though with my sick body, my soul is peaceful.  



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