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Similar Symptoms?

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I found some very small blisters on my dick in September. I hadn’t had sex in over a month. They appeared out of nowhere, no tingling, no itching, no sickness. The day after they appeared, they were gone and became cuts. They didn’t itch, there was no pain. I got them swabbed and it came back HSV-2 isolated. I didn’t take any medication and they healed in about a week. Last week (a month later) a couple very small blisters showed up. I’ve attached a photo. Once again, they appeared out of nowhere, no symptoms other than the blisters. I only found them because I’ve been checking myself more. I got Valtrex after my last “outbreak” so I took that. They healed again in about a week. Not sure if the Valtrex really did anything. They may have healed just as quickly without it. After my originl swab I took an IGG blood test to double confirm the hsv2, but haven’t received results yet. In the past I have had cuts appear on my dick and they go away. I always assumed it was friction from masturbating. I never noticed blisters before September. All I’ve heard about herpes are painful sores, leg pain, sickness, not being able to walk. Are my symptoms (basically nothing) common? Thanks.


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I think that is very common and why so many people go undiagnosed. They assume that something happened (whether it’s cut themselves shaving, friction from sex, etc) and after it goes away they think “oh it must have been nothing.”

i think many people are uneducated about herpes and think the outbreaks last forever and therefore when symptoms disappear they assume it was something minor. And for many, herpes is minor!

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