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Help please!!

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Someone please give me some advice!! I contracted genital herpes from my husband who has had it for years. I have had one outbreak on my buttocks on August 6th. I had one negative blood test and one that was positive (test done on September 27) due to a high amount of antibodies. I am seriously ocd and quite a germ freak. I’m washing my hands raw and they are always dry and maybe have tiny cuts due to lots of washing and sanitizing.  However in August I did accidentally touch my sores in the shower and immediately scrubbed my hands like a surgeon. I also used to just hand wash my body in the shower because dirty washcloths also freaked me out.

Today when I was inspecting my hands with a flashlight I found a tiny bump or blister or callus on the inside of my ring finger on one hand and the inside of pinky on another hand. They don’t itch, they don’t burn. I did try to squeeze them and nothing came out or popped which made my finger sore but they aren’t particularly painful to the touch. They aren’t swollen. They aren’t red. I wouldn’t have even noticed them i don’t think if I wasn’t super inspecting my hand. 

I have a toddler in diapers and mynworlds biggest fear is that I will pass this to her. 

What do you guys think? Think these are herpes blisters or that I’m just losing it? 

I know i have antibodies so I’m thinking it’s probably unlikely that I autoinocculated one of each of my fingers especially since my obsession for hand washing but I wanted some opinions and encouragement...


thanks in advance

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