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Someone please give me some advice!! I contracted genital herpes from my husband who has had it for years. I have had one outbreak on my buttocks on August 6th. I had one negative blood test and one that was positive (test done on September 27) due to a high amount of antibodies. I am seriously ocd and quite a germ freak. I’m washing my hands raw and they are always dry and maybe have tiny cuts due to lots of washing and sanitizing.  However in August I did accidentally touch my sores in the shower and immediately scrubbed my hands like a surgeon. I also used to just hand wash my body in the shower because dirty washcloths also freaked me out.

Today when I was inspecting my hands with a flashlight I found a tiny bump or blister or callus on the inside of my ring finger on one hand and the inside of pinky on another hand. They don’t itch, they don’t burn. I did try to squeeze them and nothing came out or popped which made my finger sore but they aren’t particularly painful to the touch. I wouldn’t have even noticed them i don’t think if I wasn’t super inspecting my hand. 

I have a toddler in diapers and mynworlds biggest fear is that I will pass this to her. 

What do you guys think? Think these are herpes blisters or that I’m just losing it? 

I know i have antibodies so I’m thinking it’s probably unlikely that I autoinocculated one of each of my fingers especially since my obsession for hand washing but I wanted some opinions and encouragement...


thanks in advance

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As a kid I would occasionally get a cluster of very small blisters on the sides of my fingers.  Did not know until recently that it is most likely dyshidrotic excema.  So small it was almost unoticable.  Very mild symptoms compared to the pics I see online.

Fast forward 30 years to my initial OB.  3 weeks in,  the small cluster of blisters are back.  However they get bigger and look more like warts after a few days.  They never ulcerated or wept.  Lasted a week and then faded away.

I remember somewhere reading that people w excema can get H breakouts at their excema sites. 

Maybe you have very mild DE like me but you never noticed before.

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Maybe you should go into the doctor and have it looked at to make sure. And your doctor can swab it see what it is. I know this virus gets out brain all crazy but take it easy on your hands.. maybe keep some sanitizer instead that has a moisturizer in it so it don’t hurt your hands.

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Maybe. Could just be dry skin. I wouldn’t have noticed if I wasn’t worrying about everything and super inspecting my whole body and worrying about every bump.  It’s not a cluster. It’s one tiny something. Doesn’t weep, itch or hurt.  Is not red or swollen. I’ve got a bandaid on it anyways. Changing my toddler with gloves in. Just to be precautious...so over all the worryv

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I perhaps should also mention that in the past week I’ve had a bandaid on my fingers for dry skin, a paper cut, my lip for dry skin and a Zit (I’ve never had a cold sore) my Temple for dry skin. I removed all of the bandages after 24 hours when I realized that there were no blisters or pain. I’m like walking around in fear that herpes is going to be all over my body.  I had one outbreak on my buttocks in 12 weeks.  My husband has lived with this for years with very few outbreaks. I just have this overwhelming fear that I’m going to pass this to my child which would devastate me  



Im lik

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Try not to get to worked up that makes the outbreaks come. It usually don’t spread like that.. or most of us would have it all over our bodies. Sounds like your taking the necessary actions and remember to breath. I so understand your pain right now. I hate this damn virus and only wished for a cure for it. It takes awhile for our bodies to get used to it as well. 

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