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Herpes Since Birth???

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So I am very new here. My current state has brought me here for conversation over herpes. Wondering if there's anyone like my story here...

So about one year ago I had my first major outbreak of HSV-2 genitally. Originally I thought my ex had given it to me but as time went on certain symptoms caused by the virus like itching, nerve pains/burning in legs have triggered some past memories of them happening when I was younger. Yet my ex's doctor said that her "hemorrhoid" issue must have been mis-diagnosed after she showed me an actual breakout she was having, and so her doctor claimed I must have gotten it from her. While my doctor tells me she thinks I've had it since I was a kid and that I gave it to my ex. When I was around 15 - 16 I remember having what I believe was a very small breakout (similar to what I have now, 1-2 blisters lasting a few hours, popping on their own and then scabbing for a few days) and thinking "Well I'm a virgin so this can't possibly be anything std related" and just left it at that. And when I was really young, I am talking like 6,7,8, I had those symptoms I mentioned above.  My mom says she doesn't have it. So how the heck do I get hsv2 as a child I am wondering?... Is it possibly to pass on herpes from bathing your child I wonder?

 I am 24, lost virginity at 18, haven't had issues with any of my other partners and they have tested clean. It just baffles me how I could have contacted it as a child which that seems to be the case here.

I started taking valacyclovir after my "first" major outbreak that involved an outbreak in my urethra last year. Afterwards I have not had an outbreak like that, but I get at least two now per month or sometimes even more if I stop taking the medicine. So two months ago I started taking it daily, and, no breakouts at all. Then the medicine started making me extremely tired, dizzy and disorientated which Is a big no no for my job. Every-time I stop the medicine I feel normal and brain fog free again, but two days later without the meds I have another outbreak. Very frustrating... Anyone ever have tiredness/symptoms from vala as well? 

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52 minutes ago, Ishmael said:

You don't get genital HSV-2 as a child unless someone is having sex with you. 

However, a newborn can get it if born to a mother with HSV2 and an outbreak during birth. It's why pregnant women with HSV-2 are put on Valtrex during their 3rd trimester, and have a c-section if they have an outbreak when it's time to have the baby.

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