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outbreaks every few weeks, even when on valtrex

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so I got diagnosed with HVS2 almost 6 months ago. every since over been having an outbreak every two weeks or so. at first I was not on medication, then my doctor put me on 500mg daily. after that did not work, she put me on 1000mg daily and prescribed me a anti anxiety pill. During this time my grandma had just recently past away, along with the stress of me needing to find a new job and balancing school (I am a senior in college). I was also stressing over disclosing to a guy so that could've been a reason for one of my outbreaks. also I have been going out on the weekends and drinking with my friends. I have not changed much of my habits since I have been diagnosed. I'm thinking about taking a break from drinking just to see if that helps, but I feel like if it were the alcohol then I would have an outbreak as soon as I woke up or at least some time the following day.  i dont know , I just want to know how to make these outbreaks stop ! its depressing. the only thing I can say is each outbreak seems to be less severe each time.  is there anyone out there who relates to my situation? does anyone have any tips to give me? 

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I was recently diagnosed. During my OB I did not drink alcohol at all, and did not eat sugar or carbs. I think that helped, along with the medication. I've been reading about diet in relation to herpes, and chocolate and alcohol keeps coming up as triggers for outbreaks. So I would try cutting out sugar and alcohol for at least a month to see if that helps

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Try vitamins instead. I’ve never taken the antivirals because of MANY comments like yours (ppl take them but have more outbreaks). I was diagnosed 6 months ago as well, only had 2 OBs. The 2nd one I started my vitamins daily and haven’t had an OB issue since, so over 5 months i havent had any reminder that Im H positive. 

I take l-lysine, vitaminC, vitamin d3, liquid chlorophyll, echinacea & goldenseal extract, & a centrum multivitamin. 

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