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Every OB gets worse


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Every OB I have is crippling. I run high fevers, get flu-like symptoms, have chronic nerve pain (even between OBs), and the sores are getting larger and more painful each time. I do have additional health problems, including the need for hormone replacement therapy due to a hysterectomy long ago. However, I have not been able to afford to take care of my hormones for some time. I also cannot take suppressive medication because it causes severe headaches and I already suffer from severe, chronic migraines (that I cannot afford to get treated). I do not have health insurance. My ex, the liar that gave me H, agreed in our divorce to pay for any treatment, but refuses to comply. Meanwhile, I am suffering from debilitating outbreaks that are negatively impacting my ability to function. He blew it off saying it is just a minor rash and to suck it up and get over it...but it is not just a rash for me at all. I have a young child, am trying to finish grad school, and am to be getting ready to move. I can barely stand to sit, stand, walk, lay down, anything. I can't eat for fear of having to go to the bathroom and one sore is right on the edge of my anus. I cannot handle this getting worse. Does anyone have similar problems? Does anything help? I am at the end of my rope. 

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Are you trying to rake any supplements to help? Lysine is supposed to help and taking vitamins to help your immune system. I take handful of supplements everyday now. I’m coming off the antivirals because they are causing me issues as well. What type do you have? How long have you been infected? It’s supposed to get better in time. But I can completely understand how this makes you feel.

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I do take L-Lysine daily and multi vitamins. I have HSV2. I have known of my infection since November 2015 when my now ex-husband casually mentioned after years together, that he has HSV1 and HSV2. I had a rough go in the beginning with a couple outbreaks, and then nothing for quite a while. I was kind of in denial then. Then, on Mother's Day 2017, I had a horrific OB with all the symptoms of an initial OB. Since then, I have the same issues every time. I thought it would get better in time, but it seems to get worse each time. The nerve issues are the worst. 

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Well look into the homeopathic route. I am, getting off suppressive therapy that medicine makes me feel fatigued and worse. Look up Montreal healthy girl on YouTube she had a video about using collided silver, oil of oregano and neems powder.. plus trying to chyyour diet to a more of a raw diet or alkaline diet. I have Ghsv1 which I know is different but see if this can be helpful. I hope you feel better soon. 

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