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GHSV1 outbreaks

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I was just curious if anyone here has GHSV1 with very frequent outbreaks? Or if In your first few months you experienced really frequent outbreaks that dwindled to nothing? 

im about 3 months in and I have had an outbreak every week. My outbreaks aren’t typical they’re just pink circles (almost look like razor burn but I know they’re not) and it’s on the mons pubis part (surprisingly enough, however it may be on the mucous membranes part of the vagina as well but since mine have never presented as sores and only pink circles, I likely just can’t see it)  I would attach a photo but known it would be removed instantly. 

honestly I don’t even feel the outbreaks. Initially I had a bit of nerve pain, stinging, and itchiness and so I went to the gyno convinced I had GHSV and she was trying to convince me I did not. Sure enough, she swabbed the inside of my vagina and told me I was positive for type 1. right now if I didn’t look at my vagina while using the restroom, I wouldn’t have known I was having an outbreaks I’m just frustrated because they’re happening so frequently and I’m not planning to engage in sexual activity for at least a year post diagnosis, especially due to these frequent outbreaks (however they do go away within a day or so) for a second today I thought “holy crap I haven’t had an outbreak in like 6 days” and surely enough I go to use the restroom and see more pink circles. It’s just so frustrating and I’m wondering if someone was in the same boat and has since seen like no outbreaks. I also don’t want to take valtrex as of now because I want my body to try and handle it on its own and since the symptoms aren’t bothering me and I’m not sexually active I feel like there’s no point.  

Also side note I wasn’t upset with my diagnosis because I had already cried about it with the fear of having it. But the only thing that’s upsets me is that I literally don’t know how to have sex because I have never been one to have a boyfriend or hook up with people and now I feel like I’ll be expected to be good at sex but like idk how to do anything since I’ve never had the practice. Just frustrated 😕 

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I take 2000 msg of lysine, 1000 msgs of vitamin c , 50 mg zinc, I take vitamin e 400 msgs, I take b12 2000 msg, I take a multivitamin, I take 250 magnesium. I take St. John’s wort, I take curmin and turmeric. I just bought some wild oregano I’m gna start that tomorrow.. I’m gna get some colloidal silver because I hear some really good stuff about that. 

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