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Just diagnosed with herpes: boyfriend needs to decide if he wants to leave me

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I have been diagnosed with herpes simplex type1.. I told my boyfriend of 8 mos and now he needs to figure out if he wants to leave me. I never had this any issues before until 4 mos into the relationship I had a break out and then just got over another one and my test came back positive. My question is did he give it to me? I had test done before for precaution with no issues. My immune system is low due to my diabetes which I am insulin dependent. I have been with him for 8 months and before that no partners for a year. I am about to lose my best friend and the love of my life. He has said nothing to assure me he loves me enough to work on this as a couple. I don't know what to do ;(

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Hi saldachick,

welcome to this website . Sorry to say but i am not really sure if he really love you when he have to think about leaving you only for a skin condition, if he would love you completely he dont need to think about it at all.Now to your question, yes sure there is a big chance that he gave you herpes. 90 percent of all people have herpes 1 in they blood , the most people never get any symtom but they are still speading the herpes around , so there is a big chance that he gave it to you by oral sex or he have herpes genitales himself(without symtoms).you are having a auto immun sickness like me , thats meens that your immun system is constantly down.You didnt had a partner before for over a year , i cant believe the herpes didnt broke out before.The only way to find out if he having herpes is that he goes for medical check and make a herpes test himself.

To give your bf more information you should download the ebook and handoutbook from the website, it explain all transmission rates and inform you about the best ways to protect your herpes free partner.In the case your bf dont have herpes, you can protect him by using condoms and antivirales, the transmission rate is only by 1-2 percent so there is not that big chances to contract the virus to him.

I hope you both will sort that out.

big hug


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