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A few questions for the male members

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Hi there,

Somewhat new to this. HSV2+. 

Thanks in advance.


1. If there is irritation or slight pain post sex or masturbation, is that indicative of an outbreak or discomfort that is supposed to be expected?

2. Pursuant to the above, is it possible to have "little", almost undetectable outbreaks very regularly? I tend to feel a pang or something minor that lasts like an hour on a daily basis, but it goes away. Should note that I am on Valtrex, which some say causes side effects that feel like prodrome. I don't feel tingling, though.

3. I am looking at, fixating on that area more than ever — to be specific, just before the head, with my foreskin pulled back — and every little change or thing tends to alarm me. For instance, there are two ulcer-looking marks that have been there for the last two months and have remain unchanged. Some other white spots, too, and I can't tell if they have always been there are or caused by the virus — and more difficult to heal because of the foreskin.

4. Does initial ulceration usually occur where the virus entered the body? I.e., if I had been wearing a condom, no way I'd have gotten sores where I did. Have found conflicting info on this.

Really appreciate it and wish you all the best.

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Hi @justfine,

1. Personally I never have any discomfort after sex that I can relate to the virus. If you are very self conscious about the area it may give you this feeling, but in my particular case, it never happened. What did happen in my first months was having sex then having an outbreak (clear and visible, a day after sex), but without any warning.

2. Yes it is possible to have little outbreaks regularly, at least this was what I experienced during the first 6 months. But they last daysm not hours. Once you are on daily medication, and once you are deep in your first year, this frequency diminish. However, "one hour duration" outbreaks aren't something I ever heard about. They can be small, but they take at least three good days to heal if the area is external, and you use some topical remedy (I think of Aloe Vera for example, that helps a lot for me).

3. It is normal to be hyper-vigilant at first, and it makes sense to keep a daily eye on it, but you'll learn to time more properly your visual exams. That is, you'll learn that it makes no difference if you are 24/7 looking at it, and with time you get more skilled in detecting real prodroms. I for once do a physical exam when I wake up and sometimes by night. During the night, in my case, is when the outbreaks develop more frequently, I don't know why.

4. To my knowdledge, yes, the place where the virus enters is the same place where outbreaks tend to occur *most of the time*. I have read that over the years the virus *could* move and reappear in other places. But most of the time it has a "memory" and it travels the same nerves to the same location (a kind of survival strategy for it, so it can reproduce on places it knows are "weaker", I guess).

Take care, and best regards,

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9 hours ago, happyman_adventurous said:

Hi @justfine,


Thanks so very much. Wish you all the best.

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