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Cold sore or pimple?

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Hi community. To my knowledge I’ve never had an oral OB. Had a genital OB just over a year ago but nothing since. 

On Thursday I noticed this hard little bump at the edge of my lower lip. It didn’t tingle, hurt or burn at that time. This morning I woke up and it was a little more irritated and had a little white head. So I tried to squeeze it, which has just made it more irritated but nothing came out. Now that I’ve messed with it, it’s red and swollen and a little sore. Kinda like a pimple would feel. Does anyone have any ideas about this? I’m acne prone as it is, and I have had pimples around my mouth before but now I just freak out about everything. A9DA1B70-9681-46C7-BD06-A81002C1F149.thumb.jpeg.ab6859158844a27643a496486fb544c8.jpeg

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Just now, Cali_123 said:

Thank you both! I woke up this morning and it was definitely a pimple.  

And blurneworder - yes, if I stretch the skin on my top lip I can see the white bumps. Fordyce spots, right?

The reason I ask is because I was with someone who might of had HSV. 

A few months later myself and the girl I was dating came down with the flu and eventually developed tingling on our upper lips. We both had white bumps show up beneath our lips. 

I still get the tingling and my upper lip is always chapped/cut.

i have not tested positive for HSV through blood, but I keep having symptoms similar to those who do have HSV.

Did you have those spots before or after you had HSV?

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You could go and get it swabbed so you know for sure. I’ve only ever had two outbreaks on my lip, never genital, for hsv1, and mine looked like that. They were small and seemed just like a zit. I did the same thing, try to squeeze, and not much would come out but it would get bigger and more irritated and in general didn’t feel amazing... not awful though, no blistering, and from my picking, I would end up with a scab that would last a couple of days that I’d always cover up with makeup. 

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