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My partner and I both have HSV2 genital, if we have unprotected oral sex can the infection spread to our face?

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It’s not as likely since you both have genital but it is still possible. I have oral and genital HSV2 from my current partner. We engage in oral sex, as far as we know it hasn’t spread to his mouth/face. You can have oral sex but know that there is a risk.



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On 11/28/2018 at 2:18 PM, Elle27 said:

To clarify I got infected genitally and orally at the same time 


so, I’m very interested in your experience with H and it most reflects my current situation. Does your oral H look like google searches? Or lesser? My BF has a small patch of discoloration/inflammation on the his top lip closest to where his lips meet that truly doesn’t look like the goggle pics but he kissed my shoulder blade and face and shortly after my face became irritated, super itchy and peels but no oozy business. However, in my head my skin is falling off. He hasn’t had any OBs to our knowledge just super dry lips, discoloring/inflammation. He also hasn’t gotten tested. 😑 like most men he’s like well, if you’ve got it I probably do too by now😒. His immune system is strong as hell he literally never gets sick or takes pills outside of melatonin to sleep sometimes. Could this be H? Can you do skin tests for asymptotic shedding?

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My oral Hsv2 does not look like the google pictures. I don’t get sores outside of my mouth, only cankor sores on my cheeks and blisters and patches on the far back of my throat, one cankor sore on the roof of my mouth, and a small cankor sore on my tongue at times. My boyfriend has a strong immune system and has never gotten outbreaks. My boyfriend does has dry lips but he just has super sensitive skin in general. It could be but it doesn’t necessarily sound like it. They can’t do skin tests without an active blister. 

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It is extremely unlikely. While you can get HSV-2 on your face, it accounts for something like 1% of oral herpes. More than that, since you already have it on your genitals, after having it for about three months downstairs you will develop antibodies that will make it almost impossible to spread to your face.

If I were either of you, I'd suggest going to town on each other not worrying about it. I'd also suggest getting medical advice from medical health professionals and not this, or any other, internet forum. 

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