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Does herpes affect the immune system?

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Hi, I've been on here a few times . But I have a new question that I'm not sure I have the full answer to. I notice that I keep getting sick, ..a lot . I mean more than I ever have my whole life in the course of a year. This year I've gotten viral coughs, throat sores, shots of body tingles and pain. I 've gone to the doctor multiple times, but they won't say for sure if it has anything to do with the virus. I know that it clings on the immune system and can weaken it a little ...could this be the cause?

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How is your nutrition? Are you sleeping well and taking care of yourself? Working out?

Aside from the H episodes themselves, I have not noticed any increased sickness with H.


Are you under stress? When I was going through a breakup of a long term relationship, I had a nearly month long sinus infection, which was horrible. Stress definitely reduces the immune system.


Sorry to hear you are feeling crummy and I hope you can figure out what's up, and resolve things.

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I get sick a lot more since I first got this. I had a doctor tell me that I have a really weak Immune system and that's why I got it in the first place. I had strep and tonsillitis, and some woman only issues constantly since the diagnosis. I think it does weaken it even more. There are things you can do to help make your immune system work better. 1. take vitamins. 2. juice. drinking your vitamins helps them get into your system faster. 3. sleep and exercise. 4. don't take antibiotics EVERY time your doctor prescribes them. they actually make your body less able to cope with itself. sometimes antibiotics are necessary are when you have something that can't be cured without and might give you even more problems, such a strep, ear infections and etc...but if you can avoid them do it! since I haven't been prescribed antibiotics in a few months, i haven't got sick as much!

good luck!!

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Herpes lives in your nerves not your immune system so it should not have an effect. What can have an affect is your general health, Try to eat raw and organic whenever possible, exercise almost every day, and take a daily vitamin. More importantly remember to relaxxxx, herpes isn't the root of all sickness a fact I learned the hard way. Much love <3

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