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I want to heal.

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It's been a while since I've visited this forum and now I remember why I joined in the first place. It really is inspiring to read the positive stories about herpes.


Here is the down low. I recently broke up with my boyfriend of a year. During our relationship I experienced my first HSV-2 outbreak, I was scared/angry/confused. I kind of blamed him because after I found out, he got tested and came back positive for antibodies but stated he never had any herpes symptoms, yadda yadda. We were both supportive and it really wasn't a big deal when I would get an outbreak because we had a mutual understanding. Now that we aren't together I feel alone and my outbreak seem more frequent, like I'm almost waiting for it to pop up and ruin my day. I have tried to be very healthy in my ways; I go to yoga twice a week, I use tea tree oil, I take lysine supplements, multi-vitamins, zinc, apple cider vinegar tablets, I even take coconut oil and cook with it. I have consciously tried to make an effort to better my health. Although, I do love to drink beer and coffee occasionally...


However, the real reason why I am posting is because I am at my breaking point. I don't want to experience the annoyance of constant outbreaks. I want to know how some of you cope with your outbreak. I am very tempted to talk to my doctor about daily treatment, but the last time I took the medication (Valaciclovir, my first outbreak) I experienced some weird side effects. My body does do better with more natural supplements. So, if any of you kind folks have some advice for me I would love to hear it.


Thank you!

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During my first herpes outbreak I had some strange side effects like tingling/numbness that I thought was from the meds, but I've taken them since with no problem. I don't take them daily only when I feel an outbreak coming and it usually prevents it all together. A huge part of outbreaks is stress so even though its hard right now you need to do things to help yourself relax and stay calm. It sounds like you're already super healthy so combining the relaxation and episodic therapy may be enough. If not, I would give daily virals a chance, I doubt the strange symptoms were caused by the meds it was probably just a side effect of your first outbreak. Good luck and stay strong <3

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HI Ashley,


i have herpes 1 now like nearly 2 years, i tried to fight the virus with all kinds of natural treatment but my immun system didnt fight the virus like i suggest it will(i only can suggest coconut oil and tumeric, it maked the outbreak less strong) .

Couple of weeks ago i went for holiday and decided that i will start with valtrex because i had enough of frequently outbreaks every month , once or twice.

I really have to say that i still got 1 outbreak but it was really small and after a while i felt that the symotoms like itchy and burning cut down a lot... i really can see that valtex changed things and it let me fell a bit more calm about everything.

The fisrt time i took valtrex i need to say that i felt really ill, i had belly issues and felt like pucking the whole day but its stopped after 1 week.

Your body will get used to that medication .I think its important that you dont take the medication on an emty belly, i take mine always with breakfast.

If your really get a lot of outbreaks I would suggest the medication , if not then try to be healthy as possible.(ok yes i am german so i like beer to...what you can do :):) )

have a good day



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Hey Ashley!


Judith is absolutely right, that medicine is the stronger of the 2 especially if you're having frequent outbreaks.

My body is INSANELY sensitive to any and everything I put in it. I'm allergic to wheat, dairy, and sugar. If I eat to much I get very ill and it is so frustrating! I must say that it does keep me on a good diet track. With the Valtrex I definitely have to eat something of substance with it. Like a sandwich or something I know is going to make me full.

It takes time to acclimate your body to the new medicine, but it is worth it. Knowing I have something in there fighting off this thing that seems to have destroyed my life, helps, a great deal. Male sure to drink LOTS of water, you want it to flush through your system. I hope this helps!! Good Luck!!





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