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6th outbreak, no longer care, few questions.

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Hiya guys. 

I will keep this as simple as possible. I had my first outbreak in June 2017, then again in September 2017, Jan 2018, May 2018, October 2018 and my current in December 2018. It is HSV2 located just on my groin, luckily not on genitals. 

The first 5 outbreaks were nasty, painful, irritating, and severely depression inducing, but this last one, the site is located 1 inch to the left of the usual outbreak spot and doesnt seem to be that bad at all. It grew very fast, no swollen lymph nodes and very minor pain. 

I found myself not caring about it anymore. Complete and total acceptance of what is, trying to heal it quickly with natural remedies and not allowing it to affect my mental state seems to be working well. 

So here I am, yelling out to the world, I have herpes and I will win. 

I do have a question regarding the spread of it though. 

***When the blister is beginning to burst on its own and fluid runs out and goes on other parts of the skin, for example, when Im asleep, is there much to worry about regarding new infection of the parts of the skin it touches? I read that herpes dies very quickly outside of the human body..***

I used to put some sort of cover or pad on it before, so if it burst, atleast the tissue could soak it up (and it worked well), but now I just cant be bothered.

The last 2 mornings I have found dried crusted fluid on the base of my shaft and other parts of my groin. Should I be concerned? 


Kind Regards, 


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Yo B-Man! Great outlook. 👍 The move toward acceptance is a mixture of time and working on your mindset/identity. And what used to be a struggle ends up being an internal battle we were having with ourselves. It’s a powerful shift to move into acceptance. Definitely frees up a lot of psychic resources ... Nice job.  

About the spread question, you should be good if you’ve had it for over a year since the body has had enough time to build up its natural defenses (antibodies). It’s harder to auto-inoculate then. But just to be on the safe side, putting some breathable gauze over the outbreak couldn’t hurt since everybody’s immunity is different.  

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