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To continue suppressive therapy or not?

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I am totally confused and in need of advice.

I was diagnosed in March with a swab that came back positive for hsv2 taken from a sore on the side of my vagina.

I had another really painful outbreak on the inside which made going to the toilet excruciating. I was panicking from then at any slight itch or nerve feeling and it has taken over my life and mental health since being diagnosed. I had sex with a guy who had symptoms flu type and achey but he promised me he felt better and then once I told him I think he has given me herpes before I had the results come back he then admitted he had a swollen lymph node and still didn't feel well and was given anti biotics from the doctor who didn't know why he had a swollen lump under his arm and he didn't live in the same town as me and he got off very lightly as haven't seen or spoken to him again.

I was put on suppressive therapy in August and have been told that I need to make an appointment in jan to discuss coming off suppressive therapy.

I am absolutely in panic at the thought of coming off it. I am a single parent juggling a little boy and working,home to look after and a dog so as you can imagine my life is very busy so to have to deal with an odd painful outbreak every now and again which will get in the way of my life, hurt when I walk and having to go back to wearing no underwear due to rubbing just makes me feel fed up.

The whole point of this is,do you think I should stay on suppressive therapy for life and has anyone else been on it long term or if you haven't has it improved if you have a busy lifestyle like me? Does it get in the way of everyday sex and a relationship? I am single at the moment have been rejected last time and am going back into the dating scene terrified because of having something there is no cure for. 

I am hurting,its interfearing with my work and everyday life as its at the back of my mind. I want to date so badly but this makes it even more harder and frightening.

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Hi Anonymous88

Firstly, I do not use any suppressants, if my girl friend wanted me to, I most certainly would.
I do not follow any diets, I drink when I want to & stay up late etc, maybe I'm just lucky!

If the suppressants keep you from having OB's, then they are certainly worth staying on, especially as your OB's are painful.
But if you do not get the OB's when not on them, I would not take them at least while you are single, then it is up for discussion when you find someone.

I know some people take them for life & a lot have too but I can't help but think that it can not be a good thing to take a drug every single day for such a long time, you never know the long term side effects, I don't take statins for this exact reason.

There are plenty of people on here that have taken them for a very long time, so hopefully they will give you the information you want.

I really hope you stop hurting, god bless!


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