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Hemorrhoids because of herpes?

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Sorry if TMI. Since I’ve had H all the sensitive parts of my skin “under the belt” have been problematic. The way my vagina reacts to the virus when it tries to cause an outbreak is messing up the ph balance, that I try to fix with a good intimate wash (on the outside) that has lactic acid in it. And the skin around my anus has been more prone to irritation and tearing, some of the virus most probably got there as well. It’s really embarrassing and annoying because even if I eat enough fibre etc. sometimes I still feel a vein protruding and sometimes I even bleed when going to the toilet. There are herbal extract pills that help strengthen veins (diosmin + hesperidin), I take a low dose alongside my vitamins every day and it really helps, but this still bothers me mentally. Can H really be the cause? If so, how to prevent this? 

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