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Nightmares about illness and feeling violated (Trigger Warning)

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My boyfriend has contracted H from me. We are aware who the person I had contracted it from was, a creepy old dude who persuaded me into going to his place after the worst “date” ever then abused me later. 

One day my boyfriend woke up in a very low mood, felt more tired than when going to sleep, and didn’t hug me like usually. Turned out, he had a nightmare about his health and freedom being ruined. Turned out, this wasn’t the first time. 

He said that in his nightmare he was at a spa or bath, trying to relax, when an old, seemingly homeless person with obvious bad intentions came dangerously close to him and tried to rub his penis on him. 

I damn near broke down crying when hearing this. Me being hurt and traumatized by this nasty creep is one thing, but having ruined a perfectly healthy and strong man’s mental health and now being the creep/wrong-doer in his life... is the worst!!! 

Do you think he should seek therapy? Can just one or two sessions help? He’s way too stubborn and also way to busy at work to dedicate more time to digging into memories that can’t be changed already. 

(I am in therapy with a very wise and likeminded lady, she’s not for everyone but oh my, she saved my sanity. So I’m good...)

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