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Question for the future

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Does suppressive therapy medications effect your chances of conceiving. I am in my late twenties and I am hoping to start trying in the next like two years.

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Hi, I’m in my early 20s and as far as I know it does not. Acyclovir is specifically made to keep the herpes virus from causing symptoms, it does not affect your reproductive organs because it’s not a hormone based medication. However, it’s still medication so you might want to ask your doctor whether it’s better to clean it out of your system before conceiving a baby or not. I don’t know if it would affect the baby if it’s in your bloodstream when you’re pregnant. 

Make sure you don’t have an outbreak at the time the baby is born, he/she shouldn’t come into contact with the virus, so if you do have an outbreak then C-section is better. (Tbh I would prefer that anyway because that way my lady parts won’t have to be overworked in order to give birth.)

Find a good doc and hit him/her with all the questions. Good luck to you on everything! :)

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