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Ok so I’m honestly considering seeing a specialist about infectious diseases because every time I get a small cut canker sore etc I automatically think somehow my HSV-2 spread to my mouth (keep in mind I’ve been swabbed several times in mouth and it was negative) the reason I am posting is I am terrified to give it to my boyfriend. I know before everyone has said you can’t give hsv 2 to someone if you don’t have oral hsv 2. But I from time to time will have burning in my mouth and vagina and all over my body face etc at the same time. I honestly believe it’s juat anxiety but I just would like some answers why do I get this burning in my mouth throat?! Can Genital predromial symptoms show up in your mouth I.e burning etc... or is this just my body so anxious I’m causing these symptoms because I’ve read that too. Please someone help ease my stress or give me a resource to know FOR sure I don’t have it in my mouth and can’t pass it by giving my partner oral sex 

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Hi hHelp

It is admirable that your biggest concern seems to be your worry of passing to your BF.

My advice would be to not worry so much, if you have been swabbed & it came back negative
what more can you do?
The human body is a complicated thing & your burning sensations in mouth & genitals could be so many things
& also think your right that your anxiety is causing you some problems.

So try to relax a little more & enjoy good times with your BF

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