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A few questions...

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I have had HSV 1 genitally for over 15 years ... was just coming to terms with having to tell my current relationship ( no sex yet) and just found out I have type 2 also... my body handled the type 1 very well, never had outbreaks other than the first one ... the last one I had , presumably from type 2 wasn’t horrible... here are my questions...

1. Has anyone else had both types?  Am I more contagious because of that ?  I can’t find any research on it

2. Because the first outbreak is the worse usually, does this mean I’ll likely not have very severe outbreaks in the future?  And maybe because my body has handled the other type so well , it will do the same with type 2? 

3.  I’ve been really sad , not eating & have diarrhea occasionally (sorry!).  Is that from the stress or from HSV ?   Also have had a little bit of bloody discharge...

4.  Am I really the same person I was before this?? I feel so ashamed and not worthy of love & life... I feel like a walking STD... the nurse kept saying with knowledge and protection I could prevent spreading this ... if that’s true then why do so many people get this?  Is anyone really going to want to risk this life long crap to be with me??  I’m seeing someone wonderful right now & I think this may ruin everything... I might really be alone forever & that’s a really devastating thought .  

Sorry this was so long , but I appreciate anyone who takes the time to answer 

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To answer your questions:

1. Lots of people have both types as HSV1 is incredibly common (more orally), HSV2 likes the genitals more than HSV1 so you could say the odds are slightly higher of you passing it on.

2. Your body has built up more of an immune system to HSV1 so this will no doubt help with HSV2, Your first outbreak is normally the worst but its not guaranteed, but yes hopefully your body will deal with it well.

3. I would guess, yes its from the stress.

4. Yes you are still the same person, you have nothing to be ashamed of & yes someone will want to take the risk on you,
because you are worth it! 🙂

Stay strong, hugs!

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I also have both types,but I've never had a genital outbreak.  I have had fever blisters many years and transmitted to my partner's genitals through oral sex. 

I went for testing and found out I had 1 and 2. I also felt dirty and disgusting. Like a whore, really. 

I'm sorry, I don't know the answers to your questions, but I wish you the best. 

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Thank you for taking the time to respond.  I completely get the feelings of being ashamed and feeling dirty.. I am working on believing I’m still the same , good person I was before this happened. You are still the same person too , not a whore!   I’m angry at myself for letting it happen again ... I’ve had type 1 genitally for so long , how did I not protect myself better from getting type 2??  I know I’m not a huge help , but we can talk if you’d like to private message me ... maybe we can help each other through it .  

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