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Herpes and workout

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Does working out on a regular basis strengthen the immune system? Or is the adrenaline rush of cardio exercise a kind of stress too? 

How about working out with an outbreak? With some numbing cream and safe non-exposing clothes is it okay? 

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I workout and didn’t need to use cream. I mean u gotta take it easy. I quite working about 2 mths ago and got into some depression and I feel worse then before. I think working out help keep me mentally better and physically as well. 

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Working out is always going to be good for you, so has got to be good for the immune system.
I've worked out with an OB with no problems but fortunately there never bad.
Swimming is a good alternative & think the chloride in the water helps 😊

Exercise is really good for depression & also de-stressing yourself


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