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Quotes about health and hope, distractions

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H has taken a toll on my & my partner’s mindset. We both were annoyingly happy and motivated people before it. That’s not the case now. How to keep your mind off of negative thoughts and uncertainty surrounding your health? Any tips are welcome. Focusing on inner values more? Getting busy with a work project close to your heart? Reading inspirational things? Bodybuilding to have a reason to feel more comfy in your skin again? Faking happiness til you make it? 

Also, how to live a life without lacking anything if you can’t focus on sexuality that heavily? I’m okay, I’m a mind over matter person, so there are a lot of things more important to me than getting freaky, albeit my most sacred bodypart being ruined kind of depresses me... But my boyfriend is heartbroken about not being able to be the “biggest bull in town”, you know, one who is desired by many but only belongs to one, etc. To him NOT thinking about how sexuality/sensuality/dominance matters affect other areas of life is impossible and it causes him huge emotional turmoil. 

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