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L Arginine topical cream

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I’m interested in using a cream to enhance sexual sensitivity but it includes L Arginine. Would using something like that make an OB more likely? I haven’t had one in years.

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There hasn’t been much science to back up the whole arginine/lysine debate, but there are plenty of people who provide anecdotal evidence that supports the idea that arginine exacerbated outbreaks and lysine lessens them. I haven’t personally had any luck with taking lysine specifically and I’ve also still eaten plenty of foods with arginine in them and they haven’t altered the quantity of outbreaks I had. If you haven’t had one in years, it’s worth a try if it’s something that you’d really like to use. If you do end up getting an outbreak from it, then we have more anecdotal evidence to throw on the pile. Everyone’s body is different with many moving parts that interact in very different ways, so figuring out your personal triggers is helpful to know in the long run. 

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