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Blood test positive for HSV-1, nurse said not to worry

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I've just had my igG blood test results back, negative for HSV-2 and positive for HSV-1.

The nurse explained that 80% of people carry the HSV-1 virus so it's not surprising I am positive, especially since my father has always had cold sores. I told her about my symptoms I believed to be genital, the red spots and itching but she doesn't believe this means I have it genitally. She said this is likely to be bacterial and could be linked to my molluscum etc, since I haven't always been hygienic by using the same towel multiple times etc.

Since I have never had any blisters/sores and therefore cannot be swabbed this is as far as I can take it in terms of testing. I feel like I've done all that I can.

Still a little worried of course when it comes to dating since I already carry HPV from a genital wart and I also know that HSV-1 can be transmitted orally to genitally so unsure what the protocol would be when disclosing etc. Has anyone else been in a similar situation and how do you deal with this?

I'm just relieved to finally know my herpes status after all these months of worry.




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Hi newtothis22

I guess the way to go is, if you get the genital red spots again, go straight to clinic for swabbing!
as we all know blood tests are not the most reliable with this virus.
But at the moment as you said, you have done all you can!

1 hour ago, newtothis22 said:

haven't always been hygienic by using the same towel multiple times etc.

That's called being male :classic_biggrin:

I don't know about USA but think its very rare people disclosing if they have had a cold sore in there life,
just doesn't seem to happen in UK from my experience.

Guess that's your call 😉

good luck Bro!


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Thanks for your reply @Amando and you're right if I do ever get them again I'll go straight to the clinic but it's unlikely they would swab them anyway because at every clinic appointment I've been to they haven't even mentioned this could be herpes and dismiss it when I suggest the possibility. However I chose to take a private blood test for my own peace of mind.


1 hour ago, Amando said:

That's called being male :classic_biggrin:

Very true 😂 

But you're correct I feel that it is so common people in the UK people don't even see it as an issue when it comes to sex, before I did my research I had no idea that cold sores even meant herpes!

Thanks again,

It's great to have an active member in this forum and it looks like you're helping a lot of people, big respect 😃

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